Epic Similes in The Odyssey

Throughout The Odyssey, Homer uses epic similes to intensify the heroic nature of a certain event to create an aesthetically pleasing image to relay the story as well as to give insights to the nature of characters. This can be seen through an example in Book V, “An octopus, when you drag one from his […]

The Gods As Psychological Forces

In Books I through VIII of The Odyssey, the gods are portrayed as psychological forces through their actions. For example, Penelope’s first interaction with Athena comes as a dream. This can be interpreted as Athena coming to Penelope to indirectly give her ideas, hopes, and bravery. It is in this fashion that the gods meddle […]

Psychological Forces Of Gods in The Odyssey

Unlike the general belief that gods dominate all humans and natural powers, The Odyssey records a journey where supernatural forces frequently assist Odysseus and his son, Telemakhos. They act as spiritual supporters for the human race and regularly appear in mortal disguises. In book I, Athena taking camouflage as Mentes, approaches Telemakhos with advice. At […]

Heaney on Homer

“When the bard Demodocus sings of the fall of Troy and of the slaughter that accompanied it, Odysseus weeps and Homer says that his tears were like the tears of a wife on a battlefield weeping for the death of a fallen husband. His epic simile continues:

At the sight of the man panting and […]

The Odyssey- Telemakhos

Throughout the beginning of The Odyssey, Telemakhos, being naive and powerless is completely passive to the cruel behaviors of the suitors. It was only after the arrival of Athena in Book I did he begin attempting to fulfill his responsibility as a man and Odysseus’s son.


Undoubtedly, most of Telemakhos’s maturation in character is […]

The Odyssey- Telemakhos

In Books I through VI, Homer shows Telemakhos’ slight transformation from boy to man through his actions. When we first meet him, Telmakhos is introduced as, “a boy, daydreaming.” He does indeed treat Athena, disguised as Mentes, to a culturally expected welcome as any polite boy would, but none more than that. […]

Y12 HL: first post

Please write one paragraph of an essay that responds to this question:

In Books I-IV of The Odyssey, how does Homer show us that Telemakhos is changing from a boy to a man?

You may discover three or four ways in which Homer does this; I want you to write about only one of them. […]

the character of Odysseus

the character of Odysseus

Odysseus is a greek hero,King of Ithaka, son of Laertes, husband to Penelope, father of Telemachos, favorite of Athene, nemesis of Poseidon, and inventor of the Trojan horse. he’s the main character in this book. he is known as a master in every contending. meaning that the is good at everything. […]

The Nature of the Greek gods

Greek gods are not the same as for example the one christian or catholic god. There are a variety of greek gods, some are nature gods who control the elements of nature for example Poseidon, the god of the sea. Others are psychological gods who control things such as love and other emotions.

Through out […]

The nature of the gods in the Odyssey

In the Odyssey, by Homer and translated by Fitzgerald. We meet a lot of Greek gods. Here are examples of the gods in the Odyssey:

Helios Athena Zeus Poseidon Hermes

The nature of the gods is split into two main groups. Nature gods and psychological gods. In this group we sort the gods by their […]

Odysseus’ Character

Odysseus is the Character in the Odyssey who is strong willed and he is a human superhero or as known back then, a warrior. Odysseus was a curious man and wanted to explore the world so he decided to gather his men and sail off to sea. Unfortunately Odysseus got unlucky and was punished several […]

Reflections – IOP

My favorite IOP’s were the ones about Joy Luck Club and The Odyssey but that may be biased because I like that book and poem respectively. The IOP’s were very descriptive and it went in detail. The questions at the end were interesting because it made the presentations more interactive and the presenters got to […]

Odyssey Reflexion

In short, I enjoyed this book. Initially I was concerned that the expression of emotional scenes would not work out (by some sort of loss through iterations and changes in the oral tradition), but then the part of Penelope and the analogy of the dreams seemed pretty sad.

I find it interesting in this case […]

The Odyssey reflection

Before we started reading “The Odyssey” I was worried about the language of the book because of the rumors I had heard about it from friends that have previously read it as part of their course. However now that I have read it and I look back on it, I actually really enjoyed the book. […]

Paradise and Death

I thought this essay was pretty well laid out. It was easy to understand and to the point. Averil liked it a lot I think…

Erm… I guess the most interesting part was that there were 3 ‘paradises’ and ‘temptations’. I never thought of it this way, and it shows how Odysseus goes through different […]

Paradise and Death

I honestly thought that this essay was very interesting in terms of the points it raises. We were discussing about it in class, and Charlie brought up the point about the essay taking a morbid point of view on the whole poem. While it is true that the essay is about the issue about life […]

Paradise and Death: The Temptations of Odysseus

I agree with many of your points for example the fact that the Odyssey really displays a lot on human nature and how it hasn’t changed over 3000 years even though much of the world and society has changed. We no longer have the etiquette rules that we perform to strangers and no longer give […]

Response- Paradise and Death

After reading “Paradise and Death”, I’ve realized a lot of details that are linked to death and paradise. For example, the Phaikians just seemed like amiable people who welcomed Odysseus and sent him back to Ithaka. However, I’ve learnt that the Phaikia might be an example of Paradise which tempts Odysseus. Alkinoos suggests Odysseus to […]

Paradise and Death Response

Today in class we read Mr. MacKnight’s essay on the temptations of Odysseus that come up throughout the Odyssey. The essay does a great job at giving the reader insight into the mind and personality of Odysseus. One of the descriptions of Odysseus that I most liked was the one of him being a man […]

Odyssey Response

I’m pleased with myself. I actually liked this book. Plus, it wasn’t even written in ‘proper English’! Oh yeah, and it was a poem, not novel! I think there are different things that we notice when reading it by ourselves and in class. When I read it I just thought of it as really cool. […]

The Odyssey

The Odyssey has been amazingly interesting. It has been interesting seeing how Odysseus travelled home and how he finally reunites with his family. Originally, I thought that the entire story was centered on his reaching home rather than the journey itself. But now I realise that the poet, Homer, focused more on the journey than […]


After finishing the Odyssey by Homer, I’ve discovered several interesting points that I wasn’t aware of before reading the actual version of it.

Firstly I’ve found the weeping of Odysseus particularly interesting. He is constantly portrayed as sly, clever man who has the support of Athena, even seeming like a demi-god. Odysseus’ strength and tactic […]

Odyssey Reflection

I enjoyed the Odyssey a lot. The aspect that I most enjoyed was the language and artful poetry that tied the story together. This made the book very pleasant to read and some particular passages are still ingrained in my mind because of how striking and vivid they were. One such passage was where the […]

The Odyssey – Personal Reflection

After finally finishing the story of Odysseus and his 20 year journey to finally get home, I was a bit surprised to see how short it was. Of course, a 400 page poem is not ‘short’ but to think that a 20 year journal can be summed up like that is pretty scary. Also, most […]

Books 9-12

I really enjoyed the story about Kyklopes. Where Odysseus’s cleverness and caring self is shown even more. I thought this story was really familiar, I think I heard it somewhere before. It was so cool to have ‘know’ what was going on, or being reminded of it again. Odysseus is just so clever! I also […]

Books 5-8

In these books, Odysseus is finally near getting home. Odysseus’s ability is seen more and more. How Alkinoos just says that he can marry his daughter Nausikaa. As Mr Macknight said, Alkinoos is either a stupid guy, or Odysseus is an amazing guy! The other part I noticed was Odysseus’ crying. This is very interesting, […]

Chapter 9-12

Chapter 9~12 describes Odysseus’s journey after the Trojan War such as encountering Kyklops and visiting Kirke’s island. If the first few chapters have built up the image of Odysseus through Telemakhos and the rumors that he heard about Odysseus, these chapters described the actual experiences of Odysseus and acknowledged readers about his qualities and talents. […]

Odyssey 9-12

In The Odyssey from books nine to twelve we see Odysseus tell the tale of how he came to the Phaiakians. The stories about all of the different islands him and his men found include very supernatural and mystical occurrences. I book 9 Odysseus begins telling of his journeys when questioned by Alkinoos. Therefore, most […]

The Odyssey (9-12)

The Odyssey has been pretty interesting so far. I still get very confused with the gods and goddesses, the mortals, who’s the good guy and bad guy. As a whole, I enjoy how straightforward the book is, in the sense that the main story line is Odysseus getting home and he’s telling the story of […]

Odysseus 9 – 12

In these 3 books, we learn more abut the culture difference and how it differs from our society but at the same time certain aspects still continue on to our society now. For example, the etiquette that they practice to strangers is not common nowadays because it seems over friendly and people are more guarded. […]

Odyssey 1-4

So like Anita, when i heard we were going to be reading the Odyssey this year, I was filled with dread. A story about some guys life? did not sound interesting in the slightest!! However, since starting it, I do have to say I am finding myself enjoying it. I’ve been reading it in bed, […]

Books 1-4 of the Odyssey


Okay so I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book at all. However, I must admit – it is pretty good. Well, better than I thought anyway! (Luckily). Phew. So the main thing is that I found out if you don’t pay attention to what your reading, you won’t understand anything. Especially with this […]

Odyssey I-IV reflection

I am enjoying this book more than I anticipated. One thing that sticks out to me is how the gods don’t seem all-knowing , all-powerful (hence how Proteus was defeated) or all-seeing (hence how Athena has decided to help Odysseus w)hile Poseidon is in Africa). It also sticks out that they’re not all portrayed as […]

Reflection: Odyssey book 1-4

Book 1~4 of Homer’s Odyssey outlines Telemakhos’ attempt to search his father Odysseus who failed to come back to Ithaka after the Trojan War. I’ve discovered some traces of oral literature which are repeated phrases in the story such as “grey-eyed Goddess (p. 3)” and “When primal Dawn spread on the eastern sky her fingers […]

books 1-4

i was actually quite worried when we started reading the odyssey, because i have heard many rumours of it being a nightmare of a read. However once we started reading it, i realised its actually not that bad of a book. The Greek names of the cities and the people really confuse me, however the […]

The Odyssey book 1-4 (!-$)

The Odyssey has about a dozen names I can’t prounounce, let alone remember. I think this poem isn’t really as terrible as I thought it was as it actually tells a story. It’s interesting to read a story through a poem, thought I dont get why it couldn’t just be written as a story to […]

Odyssey Books 1-4 Response

I am really enjoying The Odyssey thus far. I have really taken a liking to the style that it is written in and how it has the feel of a story being told orally. There are numerous parts in the language that signify this with the repeated introductions to characters like ‘grey eyed Athena’ or […]

The Odyssey Book 1 – 4 Personal Summary

The Odyssey is actually a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. At first, hearing someone say it was a gigantic poem about 400 pages long just doesn’t exactly sound appealing to everyone but the characters are interesting and its nice to see that even though as times change there are some characteristics […]

Odyssey Books 1-4

My thoughts on these first 4 books is that the names absolutely boggle me. There are so many different names and nothing is similar; I am following the story better with the use of our name sheet. This is my favourite book so far since it is not a “chick flick” and there will be […]


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