Reflective statement on oral presentation of ‘The Inferno’ by Dante

Question: How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?

The interactive orals helped expand my knowledge of The Inferno by Dante by quite a vast amount. I realized that when I read The Inferno I was barely scratching the surface level of it.

What I found […]

Reflective Statement on Dante’s Inferno IOs

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?

Before the IOs I was unsure of the extent of Dante’s involvement in the events in Italy around the 1300s, or of the similarities between mythology and Dante’s Inferno. I was aware that there was a link between […]

Cardinal virtues, Christian virtues

From Wikipedia:

In Christian tradition there are 4 cardinal virtues:

Prudence – able to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time Justice – proper moderation between self-interest and the rights and needs of others Restraint or Temperance – practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation Courage or Fortitude – forbearance, endurance, and […]

Thoughts of Dante’s hell

Dante’s Inferno is unlike any other book I’ve read ‘not counting the odyssey as I didn’t finish it’. At first reading it I thought it was utterly boring, just droning on, and on. However after reading it for the third time I finally realized that I should include the footnotes in my reading. Thus I […]


i thought the book “inferno” began reallly interesting and stayed amusing for the first eight chapters, but after that the book started to drag on a bit. nothing new really occured. i felt as if i was just reading a list of punishments. however the change in temperature in certain circles helped liven the book […]

My thoughts on Dante’s Inferno

I will admit that this is probably the most difficult book i’ve read so far, and that even though I quite enjoy reading, this particular book was quite a pain to read on many levels. Firstly, I thought that the language was difficult to understand as it doesn’t put its point across in plain simple […]

After Reading Inferno

Inferno was really… different to anything else I had before. Firstly, it was a poem… that had over 100 pages. The whole story was just different as well. Dante used himself as a character inside his own story. Plus it was a book about hell. How weird is that? I usually don’t really like reading […]

Response to Dante’s Inferno

I enjoyed reading Dante’s Inferno and found it to be a very intriguing book (or poem or something). I liked how Dante has himself as a character in his own novel and makes himself out to be this great person (among the greatest writers in all of history). The main reason I found Inferno so […]

Reflection- Inferno

‘Inferno’ by Dante Alighieri is the first cantica of the divine comedy, and it discusses Dante (persona)’s journey through hell to ultimately reach purgatory and heaven. It is peculiar in a way that the poet Dante has made himself into a persona in the poem.

To me, Inferno was shocking in its concept and structure. […]

Personal Response – Inferno

I felt that reading Dante’s Inferno was difficult in the beginning. At first, I thought it was just because the language is different from how we normally speak English but then I realized it was because of the many metaphors and similes in the poem. Also, a lot of the text and names mentioned in […]

Dante’s Inferno

I thought that Dante, Dante the writer and Virgil are contradictory.

Dante, the character pities those in torment in Hell. Dante the author frequently calls them words related to excrement, though there are some exceptions where a person has harmed Dante, such as the man the footnotes say took a lot of Dante’s possessions when […]

Hierarchy Of Sins

Bad – Theft




Worse – Child Abuse



Worst – Geneside

Suicide Bombers

I don’t believe in none baptised people being in hell as they have not done wrong.

I didn’t know if we have to do them in the […]

Bad things…?

Here I go:

1.Looking down on others/over-confident/not regretting.

People can often do this, and it’s sometimes even unknown to themselves. This usually leads to unsuccessful events, as they think too well of themselves. This also means not looking back to what you did. People should think about their actions and reflect upon them.

2. Laziness.


my hierachy of sins


1st circle- people that arent baptised or people that believe in something other than god.

6th circle-believes in the devil

2nd circle- evil people with evil minds

3rd circle- thieves etc

4th circle- people that hurt others

5th circle- people that kill others or themselves.

i think that the 1st circle of people dont […]

Sin Hierarchy

Ok, so from least to most bad this is how I would kind of order some general sins:


chronically ignorant/lazy people

greedy people


corrupt people

violent people

murderers (with exceptions)


I ordered my hierarchy according to loose beliefs that I have. At the top I have people that lie or are sinfully […]

To Live

. i usually dont like tragedies but i overall really enjoyed this book, and i thought it was full of action and somethign new was always occuring. however somethign the book lacked, was happy endings. towards the end i felt that the book started to become one big mess and they didnt know how to […]

My hierarchy of sins

Circle 1: Cheats and con-men For those who have robbed people through unfair advantage or through deceit.

Circle 2: Thievery and robbery This is for those who take what they have not earned purely out of greed or a sense of accomplishment.

Circle 3: The corrupt and the corrupter For those who take bribes and […]

My Circles of Hell

Sorry, I don’t know why my post didn’t show up. I’m jsut technologically challenged I guess.

Laziness Disrespect Bullying Lying and Deceit No Appreciation No Compassion Selfishness or Greediness Stealing Seeking Revenge Manipulation and Sabotage Murder

I put laziness as a sin because we are duty bound as humans to try and constantly improve ourselves […]

My Hierarchy of sins

My Hierarchy of sins

1st– Lies: I’ve put lies in the first circle because lies can be good or bad. Generally lies hurt other’s feeling and disadvantage them when it’s disclosed. Even though it’s a white lie, it can unnoticeably affect other people in negative ways.

2nd– Stealing: Stealing can be caused purely by materialistic […]

My hierachy of sins

I will first admt that it feels wrong doing this and being judgemental, because- who am I to judge which sins are more deserving of punishment than others, or if they are even sins at all.

Limbo- Sins of ommission- people here did not do bad things but failed to help those around them, did […]


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