Creon as Protagonist in Antigone

The word protagonist, or in Ancient Greek, protagonistes, means, “one who plays the chief part.” In Greek tragedies, this was commonly viewed as the first character to actively address the chorus. It is for this reason and relations between his character and the characteristics of a protagonist that I believe Creon is the true main […]

Personal response: Antigone

After I finished reading the play “Antigone”, I asked myself ‘who is the main character or protagonist of this play?’. It could either be the king of Thebes Creon or the daughter of Oedipus Antigone, however I think it would make more sense if it was Antigone because even the play is named after her. […]

Antigone essays

I decided to read three essays for the assignment with them being: Cropp – Antigone’s final speech, Ledbetter – Sophocles, Antigone and Margon – The Death of Antigone.

The first essay i read was ‘Antigone’s final speech’. What i got out of this was the amazement that Antigone’s final speech is one of the most […]

Brecht’s Antigone at the living theater- Phelps

I decided to write about Brecht’s Antigone at the living theater- Phelps, which showed me the way the theater was planned out in modern times and back in those days. Antigone had been translated so it was easier for the actors. They stated that they tried to put modern lighting, media and language to make […]


We have been studying the Greek tragedy Antigone. Antigone was one of the four children of Oedipus and Jocasta, which leads to the play. The play is after the Theben, which was fought between the two kings Eteocles and Polynices. These are also brothers and sons of Oedipus and Jocasta. This leads straight to the […]

Y12 ‘Antigone’ interactive oral topics

Tal: Tragedy Linus: ‘Blood guilt’ and the exposure of unwanted babies Sabrina: Relations between men and women / the status of women in Ancient Greece Brad: Burial rituals in Ancient Greece Jarand: The historical influence of ‘Antigone’

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In the last month were reading a play called Antigone. the play shows the bond between sibilings. It shows what family is willing to do for each other. After the 2 brothers were sharing the kingdom so every year one brother was the king , but Polynices wants to be to be the king so […]

Personal response to Antigone

In recent classes, we have been reading a play called Antigone. It is a play about a girl, sought to bury one of her brothers, ‘Polynices’, who had been killed in battle by her other brother, ‘Eteocles’, who had also been struck down by Polynices, while invading their home village of Thebes. The act of […]

Antigone review

In class recently we have been reading Antigone, Which I personally think is an… Well it’s an interesting book with a ton of strange family relationships and killing. The book does not have many pages which makes you analyse the meaning of each word more.

Antigone was a book which was easier to understand, however […]

Reflections on IOs -Antigone

In today’s IOs, I learned a great number of pieces of information that I was not aware of before. A few of the things that I was aware of was the greek myths and legends connected to Antigone and that women rights in ancient greek times were far below that of men. However before todays […]

Sophocles , Antigone

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?


In today’s IOs, I learned that, in the Ancient times, role of a greek women was not as equal to the man’s as I’d imagined. I assumed that women did have equal rights in […]


I must say I was pretty impressed with ‘Antigone’. It was much more interesting than I expected. And this interesting means entertaining and exciting, not ‘boring’. A big part of why I enjoyed it was because of the sad ending, it’s really dramatic and unexpected, but then that’s whats so special about it. At one […]


Antigone was quite enjoyable and contains some interesting thoughts.

What stuck out to me (and am guessing was supposed to stick out) was how Creon thought his rule was supposed to please him, not the people and how whatever he said was as important as the gods’ commands. Creon seems rather arrogant until Tiresias comes […]


I thought Antigone was a pretty good play, though not quite as good as Oedipus. One thing I always enjoy about tragedies is witnessing how fate coupled with the seemingly unimportant decisions of the characters (in hindsight) result in the death of almost everyone. Even though Creon acts upon Tiresias’ commands that he must go […]


My first thoughts on Antigone where much like everyone else’s – “what a load of rubbish”

I found the language boring and sometimes confusing, the “chorus” quite simply drove me mad. Then i decided to re-read it without what ever the “chorus” had to say and I found that the story was a little […]

Antigone – Reflection

I really enjoyed reading Antigone. I felt that after reading the story of Oedipus and Polynices and his brother’s story, it helped me understand Antigone’s story much better. I understood the general story and plot but whenever the chorus had a part, I didn’t really understand much. I also felt that the ending stopped at […]


After reading Antigone, I’ve especially sympathised with the dilemma of Antigone and Ismene, and wondered about the tragedy that occured to Creon. Antigone insisted on burying the body of Polynices by risking her own life, whereas Ismene rather chose to obey Creon’s order (even though she runs back to Antigone afterwards). Polynices’ reason to attack […]

Antigone (reflections)

I think that Antigone is a really cool play. I have always been interested in Greek mythology, and Antigone, I found, was particularly tragic. I think that the main plot of the play is relatively simple to understand. The only thing, is that i get a little confused at the ‘chorus’ part. Sometimes the things […]

Personal response to Antigone

I would like to start off by saying that it’s extremely confusing. The story itself is a very good one, however the script like form that it’s written in bugs me. It makes it seem like the story drones on and on and on. The best part of reading this was either the good plot […]


The play so far is very interesting but very confusing at the same time. The reason for the confusing part is all the Greek names and the family’s even though they are roughly all in the same family.

I haven’t fully finished this play yet but so far I am finding it OK, it’s not […]


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