Sonnet 29 – Etna St Vincent Millay’s

From reading Mr Mac Knight’s commentary, I can actually understand what he means by no  buffering your essays.

In every point he makes there is no none relevant information which means that it is exactly to the point. It has a massive effect on your essay since there is no nonsense there. Following Callam’s comment in class, the page citations are very different from what I have seen before. He also commented on some things that I would have never thought about for instance, the sound of the words I always thought that was a bit stupid to talk about but apparently not.

The line citations with the LL is completely confusing, it may be proper but I don’t agree  with it but I will have to use it. It would be great if we could for like 3 lines do LLL. When ETM talks about the switching in the poem I at first glance just go straight over it since I thought it was not significant.

12 thoughts on “Sonnet 29 – Etna St Vincent Millay’s”

  1. I was also confused with the l and ll. I thought it was ok to just put the line numbers in brackets and page numbers if it is a book.

    I am now confused as to if this is MLA or if it is otherwise.

    1. Good question, David. I will have to check what the MLA says about line and page citations.

  2. Well if you read the commentary you will see that ETM does see a shift in the language or the main theme. Don’t you agree?

    1. Modern Language Association – We have discussed it in the Extended Essay meetings we also had a power point on it from Mr Mac Donald. If you would like more information he will definitely help.

  3. -_-…. Sorry Ms. Milestone… I didn’t know you paid attention… It’s just the association that makes the rules and stuff?

  4. Yes and the rules for exam writing and citations. That’s why David got confused since he doesn’t know if it is a part of it. There are many different ones as well so many people can get confused. I always pay attention it just doesn’t seem it. 🙂

  5. HAHAHA. Okay, if I have a problem about anything, I’ll be sure to ask you then!

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