It was interesting to see all the IOPs, especially since they were all on different topics. I learnt something new from every presentation. It really made me realize how many different possibilities of interpretations there can be for one text.

I liked John’s presentation, as I had never thought about Telemakhos as an individual character in the text. It is true that he  has his own journey and story in the “Odyssey”. Once he mentioned it, it seemed something obvious, yet I never thought about it before, shows how I didn’t think deeply enough.

Averil’s IOP was really in-depth. I couldn’t imagine how she could say so much information and keep talking that fast for over 15 minutes. I mean, her topic was really focused on one point, yet she got so much information out of it. If it was me, there would be no way that I would chose something so hard like that. I really think her skill was shown in that presentation, as she really read her parts of the book and looked in depth at the details.

I thought it was quite hard in general to get all the information down in 15minutes. I guess an important part of it is to know what to say and what not to say. And that you need to focus on one aspect of the book in detail, and not the whole text.

Ah… I don’t know what to write. I think there was something worth learning in everybody’s presentation. I guess it’s also quite hard to keep the attention of the audience as well. How are you suppose to keep them all interested?