I think I was very lucky to have gone first. I just got over it, and didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Through doing my own IOP and watching the rest of the class do it as well, I’ve learnt a lot about presentations, what works and what doesnt. To be fair, I thought that all the presentations were pretty goood. There were instances where I was honestly very bored and tired. And I realised that getting the audience’s attention and interest is something that is very important but very difficult.

When analysing a text, I realise that i’ve got to analyse it as a  piece of literature  and characters as made characters of fiction rather than real people. I think that’s really difficult. Sometimes I read fiction and I analyse their lives so much it feels that they’re real. That’s something I’ve got to take note of.

Overall, I learnt a lot about how different people interprete different texts, and how we all take note of different things when reading the same text. Some of the other presentations really brought up issues I never thought about when reading the text. Through this, I got to see the different texts in different lights. It was very exciting.