IOP reflection

I’ve learnt a lot from seeing other’s IOP presentation over the last week. Firstly, I’ve realized that my presentation is relatively wordy: I’ve included lots of supporting quotes, but they filled up the whole slide which might have seemed bit boring to the audience. I could have just focused on several quotes and analyze it thoroughly instead of listing lots of quotes throughout the presentation. Also, it might be due to difference in text but those who gave presentation on Odyssey and Joy Luck Club seemed to have more details and stories that could be analyzed and understood easily, even though there was risk of confusing the characters as the real-life person.

I thought something that went well during my presentation was dividing my arguments into sections. I’ve started with how Civil Disobedience is inspiring to those who are enlightened and has sense of nobility, continuing with why it is offending to patriots, neighbors and those who dislike Thoreau’s attitude within the speech. Also, while preparing the presentation I’ve re-read Civil Disobedience in more depth, considering what aspects of the speech are inspiring and offending, and what kind of people will be inspired or offended. It allowed me to discover the quotes and their meanings which I’ve skimmed through before, and to understand the text better myself.