IOP reflection

I felt that for my first (actual) IOP I did alright. My biggest failure in this was probably the fact that I missed out an entire category. I implied things that would fit the category of the Gods being indicators of morals, however I never really stated it.

I think that the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this is to read through the text and go through my presentation to pick out any mistakes that I could have made. Through all the IOP’s it seemed like the biggest problem for everyone is keeping the attention of the audience, which I tried to do with a powerpoint. An example of this would be David’s presentation where although it was filled with interesting analysis of Thoreau’s use of paradox had me falling asleep at times, due to the fact that it was quite hard to follow (no offence meant David XD). I felt like a powerpoint instead of a tool that distracts the audience was used (quite affectively) by everyone to help the audience follow along.

The most interesting part of the presentation for me was the question period at the end. This made me reflect on all the points I’ve already made and on the text itself, in order to effectively answer the questions. In terms of analysis I felt as if I could have looked more closely at the characters, as in how the Gods also play an important part in the development of characters such as Telemakus.

Overall I would say this IOP was quite an interesting experience for me.