I learnt quite a lot from the IOP’s and from the feedback that was given by Mr McKnight. I just wish i could redo it, now that i have a better understanding on what to do and what to include.
When giving my presentation i found it hard to keep eye contact with the audience, since i was to busy concentrating on my notes because i didn’t want to miss anything out. I regret doing this now, since i frequently lost track of where i was. I think i also focused to much on my question and didn’t allow myself to go above and beyond the topic. I also found it quite difficult to reach the required time limit.
After listening to my classmates Presentations, i got a better and deeper understanding of the pieces of literature. They allowed me to look at the texts through a different perspective and i think it will have a big impact on my writing in the future, if i ever have to write about them.

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The evidence for your argument consists of details from the text. If you do not refer to details from the text, then your argument will lack supporting evidence and will fail to persuade anyone.

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