English IOP’s

From watching and listening to the IOP’s, I realised that me and my sister have opposing views about culture/generations.

An interesting point of Averil’s was when Brandon made a comment about post traumatic stress disorder. This could be an explanation for why she didn’t protect her daughter. It fits perfectly, but just cause it fits doesn’t necessary mean its true. Another interesting point of the IOP’s was Johns presentation, he made me think about the purpose and importance of Telemakhos. I always thought he was just a background character to set the scene but I underestimated his importance.

Role of a women – Angels interpretation of this subject was one I expected since the women’s role was just to satisfy the men. I felt like this could used her personal opinion on it a bit more but that is only my preference.

All in all what I learnt from these is that to get a good understanding of our chosen topics we must first fully explore all answers.

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  1. I think by exploring different texts and different aspects it really deepened our understanding 😛 I was surprised that even though we’ve all read three texts together, we are still ignorant of some of the ideas presented in IOPs.

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