Thoreau civil disobedience response

Thoreau civil disobedience criticises American policies such as slavery and the Mexican war. He begins his essay by arguing that the government is completely useless and only gets its power from majority because they have the most power. He believes that people should do what they believe is right and not to follow the law that has been set by the majority of the population and this is exactly the lifestyle that he follows and that is why so many famous inspirational people like Ghandi, follow him and fight for what they thought was right and didn’t just follow the law even though they may disagree. However Thoreau thought that a person is not obligated to give up his life to fight evil views/laws, but they are obligated to not follow such evil views just because everyone else is. He believed that if a government is unfair people should not follow the law but distance themselves from the government as a whole. In this essay Thoreau used himself as a model as when he went into jail because he refused to pay taxes but when he came out he dissociated himself from the government, “washing his hands” of it.