The Odyssey reflection

Before we started reading “The Odyssey” I was worried about the language of the book because of the rumors I had heard about it from friends that have previously read it as part of their course. However now that I have read it and I look back on it, I actually really enjoyed the book. All the unusual names of the people and the islands did confuse me at first, but the sheet that Mr. McKnight gave us helped a lot with understanding the book as a whole. Even though I didn’t understand the text word for word, I was able to interpret what was said through certain key words; therefore the language didn’t cause any big problems. I did however make a few misinterpretations of what was being said, which was clear through some of my quiz answers, however the feedback I got from the quizzes helped me correct my mistakes and put me on the right path. In conclusion I really enjoyed the book and I recommend those who have not read it yet to go down to your closest bookshop and buy it. It’s a must read! And that’s coming from someone who hates reading.

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