Commentary On Poem

After reading Mr. Macknight’s commentary, I realized that my own is lacking a lot in detail. It focussed on individual effects and its literary effects and the effect on the poem as a whole. My commentary consisted of some explanation of detailing but I realized that it lacks more connections and explanations as to why it creates a sad atmosphere. I just explain the general effects of some of the words and techniques but not the specific effects of some of words. In his commentary, he includes some effects of the sounds but I only talk about the general connotations or the structure of the poem. I also realized that I need to make sure that every sentence counts and not write generic sentences. My sentence structure should also be more precise and more clear.

In order to improve my next commentary, I will try to make a quick plan first beforehand and include some of the main points and make sure the structure of my essay is more organized.

2 thoughts on “Commentary On Poem”

  1. I feel like my commentary also lacked precision and detail. If I looked over my commentary, I’d notice lots of verbose or redundant sentences and would be able to improve it. But since it’s done in exam-conditions, planning beforehand, as you’ve mentioned, could be also an effective alternative as well 🙂

  2. My commentary was basically the same I made a whole load of repetitions in my explanations. When I read my explanations and found them unclear I just tried to re-explain them all over again.

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