Civil Disobedience-Personal Reflection

Thoreau has a rather pessimistic view of the government. He seems to think that there are few good people left in the world. I was initially confused about Thoreau’s view of rebelling against the government by not paying taxes as he seemed to think that the money was used wastefully in the war, slavery etc. Thoreau to me seems to me as a person who views the world in a different way, in the end I came to realize that if everyone refused to pay taxes then Thoreau’s method would actually work and there would be no war as the government can’t fund it, however what he fails to realize is that if the funds were to stop then all other government services would also be stopped.

I personally thought that Thoreau tries to appeal to the more humane side of his readers, even though I disliked reading his essay as to me it was quite boring due to the fact that I don’t really read that kind of text, I found his writing revolutionary and quite persuasive in trying to stop the gevernment and slavery.