Civil Disobedience

Wow… Never taken so long to read 20 pages. It’s an essay, not even a novel.

Surprisingly it was pretty interesting. Well, by that I mean that part that I understood was pretty interesting. I’m not going to say I agree with everything, but what Thoreau says usually has some sense and reason behind it. At least he knows what he’s talking about.

I like the way that he isn’t so materialistic, and actually cares about the unjust actions by the government. As he says, there are many people who do disagree with many laws, but do nothing to change it. He is someone who even went to prison for what he believes. The point’s not about whether I agree with what he’s thinking or not, it’s about his guts and real determination to do something to help. This is hard to see in real life.

I just find some language really hard to understand. Yes, using a dictionary does help, but by the time you search up all the words in a paragraph, you forget the definition of the first word you looked up, and then have to go through it again. It’s a continuous cycle… Yes, you can write the definitions on the book, but then it still takes time and lots of brain power to understand what’s going on. I’m not trying to sound like I’m complaining, but this is my personal thought about this essay. Opps, I wrote ‘book’ before. Haha… Well we are reading this essay from a book at the moment aren’t we?

Oh yes, when I first read the start of Civil Disobedience, I was like ‘the government shouldn’t govern?’ What is this guy thinking!?!  I still don’t get that point, but I guess it’s okay. Maybe he doesn’t mean it literally… Since, if the government didn’t govern, what would it do? So basically, the thing that stayed in my mind the most from this book, essay, is how people shouldn’t just say whatever they want, and not work towards it. It’s not just about revolution or change. I think this applies to everything. As in, people shouldn’t just have big dreams, and then never work towards them and give up. They have to have the determination to do everything, to at least try properly, before they will see any change.