The Odyssey – Personal Reflection

After finally finishing the story of Odysseus and his 20 year journey to finally get home, I was a bit surprised to see how short it was. Of course, a 400 page poem is not ‘short’ but to think that a 20 year journal can be summed up like that is pretty scary. Also, most of it was description of quite similar things so it makes it more scary.

My favorite part of the book is definitely wen he gets back from Phiakia because I think his plan to find out who is the good and the bad is quite clever but at the same time I don’t really understand some of the things he does. For example, I don’t understand why he can’t tell Penelope before he kills all the suitors. Isn’t Penelope supposed to be the smartest woman at that time? So, shouldn’t Odysseus trust Penelope enough to tell her?

Overall, I really enjoyed The Odyssey (surprisingly) and it has changed my view on greek mythology.

One thought on “The Odyssey – Personal Reflection”

  1. the beginning I was quite shocked to see the length of the ‘poem’. To me, poem was only a page long or slightly more so seeing the thickness of Odyssey was quite amusing. But as you’ve said, considering that it’s the summary of his 20 year journey the poem seems a bit short 🙂

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