Joy Luck Club – Chapter 8 Summary

In this story, Jing Mei talks about her childhood memory of how her mother wanted her to be a child prodigy and constantly told her to try to do something after seeing it on the television. Jing Mei at first tried to tell her mother that she wasn’t a child prodigy and to stop having such unreasonable dreams, however, when it stopped working she soon got caught in the glory of it all. However, the dreams all stopped when she tried to perform piano on stage and failed. This was one of my favorite chapters in the book because I could really relate to what Jing Mei was feeling and I’m pretty sure its not just me when I say that most parents have big dreams for their children and most of the time the child’s dream doesn’t go hand in hand with the parents. Because this chapter was so easy to relate to, it is definitely one of my favorite chapters.