Joy luck club-chapter 6

In this chapter Lena tells the ghost stories that her mother used to tell her about her great grandfather that sentences a beggar to a thousand cuts. She later discovers a cellar that was locked in her house and decides to see what’s inside. She was horrified by what she saw and it changed how she looked at things. She begins visualizing horrific scenes, but decided not to tell anyone about it. Lena’s father decided they needed to move. Her mother started to acting weird and moving round all their furniture, at first you think its due to Chinese culture and feng shui but you later find out that she’s pregnant. During Lena’s mother’s stage of moving everything around, she moved Lena’s bed next to the wall where she began hearing the aggressive “voices from the wall”. Not long after that Lena’s mother had a miscarriage almost as if the voices had something to do with what happened in Lena’s life. Her mother became irritable and tired and ended up kicking Lena out the house. Lena sneaked back in through the window and found her mother staring at nothing, as if she has lost her mind