Joy Luck Club-chapter 5

This chapter begins with Waverly telling us about invisible strength and the lessons that she was taught by her mother. Her mother always had high hopes for Waverly. She tells us how this all started, at a Christmas party one year when her brother was given a chess set and she was given lifesavers. Waverly began playing chess for lifesavers and she became really good at it and was recommended by people that she played with on the street to start competing in tournaments. She took up this advice and won lots of trophies. She received lots of benefits from her mother and everything for was well until her mother started to take advantage of Waverly’s fame. Waverly then ran away, but ended up coming back in 2 hours. She went up to her room and all she could think about was chess. It was as if chess was controlling her life and that’s how she made her decisions.