Joy luck club-chapter 4

This Chapter starts in the present but flips to a flashback that Ying Ying had when she was a little girl on the moon festival at Taihu lake. Her and her family had planned to go see the moon lady and celebrate moon festival on a pavilion but Ying Ying was unable to enter because her clothes weren’t appropriate for the event. Instead she sat outside watching the fishermen and cooks prepare the feast. All was well until fireworks began to go off and she fell into the lake. A group of fisherman pulled her out of the water and took her to shore where the moon lady performance was going on. Her whole life she believed in the moon lady, so once she saw the actor or stage, she chased after “her” to make her one wish of the year. Once she reached the moon lady she realised it was just a man with make up on. Her dreams where then crushed.

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