Joy luck club-chapter 3

In this chapter, Lindo tells the story of her childhood when she was forced to match up with Tyan Yu. Lindo’s family’s house was flooded when she was little and they were forced to move to si chuan and leave Lindo behind with the Huangs. She was used as a servant in the household and did everything for them, Untill it finally came to their wedding. The celebration consisted of a candle and if that candle were to blow out it would mean there marriage would be bad and couldn’t persist. So later on in the night Lindo blew out the candle without anyone knowing hoping this would stop the wedding, however the matchmaker re lit the candle and confessed it stayed lit. Once they were married Tyan Yu’s mother expected Lindo to get pregnant, but both Tyan Yu and Lindo were not interested in this idea and never even tried. Linda then thought of an idea on how to get out of this marriage situation without breaking her promise to her mother. She staged a spiritual dream and told Tyan Yu’s mother that this marriage will cause the death over all the ancestors. At first his mother wasn’t convinced until Lindo started to state things that would happen. Once convinced the Huangs instantly made them get a divorce and shipped Lindo off to America.