Joy Luck Club-Chapter 13

An-Mei Hsu: Magpies

An-Mei’s story links to her daughter, Rose’s story. An Mei reveals what happened after she followed her mother: she brought An-Mei to Wu Tsing (husband)’s house, and learnt that the Second wife had a bad nature: she looked very caring on the outside, but actually she tries to buy others with cheap things- or just did what benefits her. Ultimately, An-Mei’s mother dies of poisoned food which is suspected to be second wife’s fault. An-Mei ends the story by saying that her daughter, unlike her in China, has so many choices which gives her so many opportunities. This shows how viewing the ‘choice’ differs according to the background: when Rose feels it’s too confusing to have too many choices, An-Mei thinks it’s better than having no choice like her mother.