Joy Luck Club – Chapter 13 Summary

In this chapter, An Mei talks about the time during her childhood where she lived with her mother at the house of her second husband as the third concubine to a wealthy man in the merchant industry. She is the mother to his only heir however, the second wife is much more cunning that she is so she gets all the privileges. When An Mei’s mother decides to follow the second wife’s advice and pretends to commit suicide, it doesn’t work in her favor and she dies unexpectedly. She learnt from her mother that she should just accept her fate because people can’t escape from predestined fate.

2 thoughts on “Joy Luck Club – Chapter 13 Summary”

  1. Angel, does An-Mei’s mother pretend to commit suicide, and then die accidentally? I don’t think so. Read it again.

  2. I read it again and I found out that I was wrong. There was a sentence that said that her mother listened to Second Wife and tried to do pretend suicide. Then there was another sentence that explained that her mother had not listened to the Second Wife and committed suicide to end her own suffering.

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