Joy Luck club- chapter 1

At the beginning of this chapter we find out that Jing Mei’s mother is dead. This chapter is about Jing Mei looking back on the stories her mother used to tell her about the war between the Japanese and the Chinese and how it was so bad she had to leave her kids on the roadside, as she was trying to run away from the Japanese.
It then goes onto explaining how the joy luck club was formed and how it worked. Jing Mei took her mothers place on the east side of the table after she died and was able to play with the other members. They began telling stories about each other’s lives and finally at the end they inform Jing Mei about her long lost sisters and how her mother has left behind their address just as she died. She is tasked by the members to go find the sister sand tell them all about her mother. But Jing Mei doesn’t know what to tell them.