How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral?
Work; Antigone
Author; Sophocles

Through the interactive orals presented today, the group was informed on Sophocles life and career and the later versions/ adaptations of Antigone. Although the group was onle presented with two presentations, i feel my contextual and cultural understanding of Sophocles Antigone was improved. The first interactive oral presentation we were given was about the life and career of Sophocles. This presentation gave me a small insight into the author of Antigone, although I feel this did not develop my contextual and cultural understanding of the novel that much. Apart from being informed about suspected conditions Sophocles grew up in, i don’t feel this aided me. I feel this way as at the end of the presentation the group was informed that Sophocles never wrote a biography or documented his life anyway, this suggested to me and the group that the information given here could have been hear-say and thus made me want to disregard it as having any inspiration towards Sophocles writing of the novel Antigone.
The story of Antigone is about two women with opposing views, one, Ismene, of which conformed with the general rules for how a woman should act act during this time and the other, Antigone, that went completely against how women should act in a male, royal dominated world.
After hearing the interactive orals, I feel that I am better able to understand some of the cultural and contextual aspects of Sophocles’ Antigone in the way in which the women are depicted. Although I feel that if i had heard the other two interactive oral presentations on Sophocles and his novel Antigone I would be more able to interoperate the meanings behind the novel and what inspired Sophocles to write his novels.