The Analects a thought provoker

The analects on a surface level are a bunch of thoughts by Confucius that his students wrote down. We aren’t even sure if they were his thoughts or if they were his thoughts that the students heard then twisted to fit their ideals. However personally to me the analects was a book that provoked thought; it made me think about morals, ideals ways of living etc. Every paragraph seemed to lead to multiple strands of thoughts.

I found the book easier to understand for two main reasons: one of the reasons was that I read so many books that the language and the idea behind them was quite easy for me to understand, another reason was the fact that I’m part Chinese (one of my ancestors came from china) so I was raised by my parents in a sort of Chinese way, so it was easier to understand Confucius’s point about things like filial piety.

All in all I found this book interesting to read, even though it’s not something I usually read.