After receiving English exam back, I was quite disappointed because my score was lower than what I’ve expected S:

For Understanding and Interpretation (Criterion A) and Appreciation of the writer’s choices (Criterion B), I’ve received the mark I was expecting. My interpretation could have been more persuasive to readers, and the analysis of the techniques could have been more detailed.

I was quite shocked by the marks for Criterion 3 and 4 (Organization and Development, and Language) but after reading my answer again, I agreed more with the marks that I’ve received. Maybe this was because I haven’t had enough practice of writing in IB style, or because I ran out of time at the end (so I didn’t have time to go over what I’ve written) Next time, I’ll try to pay attention especially to organization and language of the commentary and also look over the criterion for marks to make sure I know which part to improve on.

3 thoughts on “Reflection-exam”

  1. Ha… Don’t be too disappointed, I mean we all did pretty bad…

    I think IB English is different to last year’s English, and essays take time to change and improve, so don’t worry that much, it was only your first exam!

  2. Haha, jen i agree that I was pretty disappointed too but to be honest, I kind of expected the mark I got. I think we just need to be optimistic and practice makes perfect!! I need to approve on A LOT more than just organization and language.

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