Exam Reflection

After we got our exams back I wasn’t really surprised with my grade because I didn’t understand that poem at all and I seem to have missed the main idea completely. Whatever I wrote was based on personal opinion and whatever I thought I saw when I read it. Reading through the comments, I realize that I have a lot of problems with interpretation and analyzing the poem and also other pieces of literature. My main problems in this exam were to do with the expression of some of my ideas as well as quoting technique. I also need to improve my analytical skills as well as understanding of literature. I think that in order to improve I will need to read the bible and learn about Christian theology because it seems like most of what we learn in english literature now involves some elements in religion in one way or another.

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The evidence for your argument consists of details from the text. If you do not refer to details from the text, then your argument will lack supporting evidence and will fail to persuade anyone.

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