Upon reading this book I got really confused at the way of its layout. It was like the paragraphs didn’t go together, but after reading it and discussing it I came to learn that they are his thoughts (or his student). I think some of Confucius’s thoughts were very true and that we should stick to. But others I just didn’t know the relevance of it.

In the last book of Confucius (book 20) I thought out of all the books this was the only one that could made sense of. Which I thought was weird since it was the last the one. The layout of the book maybe confusing but when I had to look up a definition it made it very easy to find them. The names of the characters were hard to say (since they are Chinese), but once I had got used to them and my head around the book. Did it then make sense to me, after this I could finally enjoy the book.