To live

As a book, I found ‘To Live’ particularly tragic. I thought it was impossible for someone to have so much bad luck in his life. Granted, most people will probably say that Fugui deserved his fate because of all the bad things he did as a young adult. It still seems impossible though. Reading ‘To live’ reminded me of the time when I read ‘Slum dog millionaire’. With Slum dog millionaire, I thought that it was impossible for someone to have so much good luck, such that he was able to answer all the questions correctly based on past experiences. With ‘To live’, on the other hand, Fugui lost his family members one by one.

‘To Live’ tells us about post war china and a rough idea of how life in china was at that time. I have to admit that though the book was an easy read, I found some parts of the language particularly funny. For example, there were some phrases that were obviously translated from Chinese. While the phrase makes perfect sense in Chinese, it did not make much sense  Also, while I did find the story line mildly interesting, I did not like the fact that everyone (except fugui) died. It seemed to me that there was no real purpose in the author letting his characters die one by one.