i thought the book “inferno” began reallly interesting and stayed amusing for the first eight chapters, but after that the book started to drag on a bit. nothing new really occured. i felt as if i was just reading a list of punishments. however the change in temperature in certain circles helped liven the book up a bit, in the fact that at least the atmosphere is changing in each circle, or else that would get really boring!
the book itself is challenging and requires a lot of background knowledge on greek myths and historical wars.however the foot notes at the bottom of each page where a huge help. they allowed you to understrand the book alot better without as much complications.
the main idea behind the book and the way that the books written is really smart. dante wrote inferno in the style of a poem and structured each canto as a different circle of punishment. the headings at the beginning of each canto helped alot to, as they directly let the reader know what circle dante and virgil are passing through. allowing the reader to keep up with the book easily.