Hierarchy of Sins

Hierarchy of Sins

Sins that are modernly OK



“Lie of Omission”


Sins that avoid justice



Giving bribes

Treachery (and taking bribes)

Sins that target individuals

Adultery and Prostitution


Murder, Torture,Rape and pimping

Sins that target God Blashphemy/Heretical

Laziness and gluttony are the least to me, since they don’t do anything but make you waste away. I wouldn’t personally call these sins anyway. Lie of Omission, though more sly than plain lying, is arguable. It’s not contradicting the truth, its just not drawing attention to it. Envy is up amongst the least since it is no crime to want something, maybe to want it to the point you’d actually consider stealing it is sinful, but not just wanting something.

Lying is then the first I actually think is sinful, since it is avoiding the truth and avoids justice. Then is theft, then bribery. Bribery avoids again avoids justice. I think that taking bribes is akin to treachery as you’re willing to let someone evade justice when it’s you who should uphold it.

Then I get to the sins that hurt individuals, which are worse than avoidance of justice since you only beat the justice system, but if you beat an individual, you likely cause lasting damage. Adultery is a betrayal of marriage, prostitution enables it, but in the Bible it is described as sinning against yourself to take prostitutes. Suicide is destroying yourself but still hurting others, while murder and rape destroy others, while pimping is continual rape.

Then is sin against God, Blasphemy. I think it pretty stupid to knowingly come up with some elaborate heresy to spite the Highest Power.


Though I don’t think God has a hierarchy, since it generally says “the wages of sin is death” and there is only one punishment described for after the final judgement.