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I’m charlie, from the United Kingdom. I moved to China about 2 months ago, and before joining DC, I didn’t know anyone except my family in Suzhou. I turn 18 in November.

As a reader;

I read mainly for enjoyment purposes, although I do generally just read everything/anything. I read anywhere I can really: in bed, the bath, on the toilet, eating, by the pool, buses etc. Literally ANYWHERE. If there isn’t a book handy, I will read the backs of packaging, especially shampoo bottles.  Book-wise, I don’t have much of a preference. As a child, my “reading age” was higher than most of the other children in my classes, so I have been reading books aimed at people older than me for most of my life. I enjoy romance and thrillers most, although sometimes my imagination runs away with me and prevents me from sleeping if it is a particularly good thriller. I also enjoy series such as the Harry Potter books. My favorite series of books is the “Noughts & Crosses” series by Malorie Blackman. I enjoyed this series especially as the author has based the series on an apartheid theme, though Negroes are superior and Caucasians are  inferior, which is an extreme twist on the history of America. Educationally I have never been required to read a book that has completely grasped my attention, although I am not sure if this is because of the choice of book or because I have had to dissect the story/characters/plot and therefore the story has lost all true meaning to me.


As a writer;

Writing is not my forte. I am comfortable writing and relating facts and truth, but fiction writing I cannot seem to grasp. Expressing my thoughts and feelings on to a piece of paper and describing them all in a way a reader would find interesting is something I find extremely difficult. I have only ever wrote one piece of fiction that I was happy with and felt secure in sharing with others, and that was my AS English Language coursework piece. It being my AL EL coursework though, I cannot accept all responsibility for it as my teachers and other students helped with some of the terminology although the main idea was mine.
Writing about history and facts I find rather easy though, I’d like to think that my grasp on grammar and wording is relatively good. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that I have read from such a young age and progressed to “difficult” books, causing me to understand harder language.

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