As a Reader

As a reader, I am one of those people who have a short attention span. I only read when I am forced to; the reason behind this is that if the book does not interest me I will not carry on reading it. When I was younger I was gripped by the story of Harry Potter but once I realised that I could watch the films I did this rather than read the books.

Another series of books that I started reading but once again got bored with is Alex Ryder, by Anthony Horowitz.  Once again, this was then made into a film so I decided to watch instead of read.

Over the last few years I have not read many books.  On our journey over to China my Mum had the autobiography of Bear Grylls. After she had finished reading this, she told me parts of what Bear had gone through and this grabbed my interest. The reason I was so interested in this book was I admire Bear Grylls, both in his career achievements and his personal achievements. Unfortunately I skipped the first 35 chapters as I was keen to get to the more exciting bit. I am a very slow reader which means I struggle to get through large novels in a short time. If a combat book has a good review, I am more likely to read it. The combat genre has always attracted me, because I have always liked the military.


As a Writer

As a writer I do very little. I do not keep a diary as I think the time is wasted and could be spent doing other things. I would always prefer typing to writing as it is much quicker. Also as my attention is short my handwriting deteriorates the longer I write. My spelling is usually quite good but sometimes the spelling escapes me.  From my past teachers they have always lectured me in my writing for how small it is. In essays I always struggle to start and finish but when I get in my “flow”. I am ok, my imagination isn’t very good anymore (I think I left it at primary school). As you can tell the structure of my writing is also quite poor but I hope to improve this with help from some people.