Hi, my name is Averil and I am from Singapore. I’ve got a younger brother who is also in Dulwich. Everything seems new and foreign in this still foreign land.

I enjoy reading novels, and will usually read during my free time. I feel that reading novels allows me to be ‘transported’ into ‘another world’ and experience things that I would otherwise not be able to experience. I have always found reading to be therapeutic. I’m a keen reader and am willing to read books of various genres. I usually read for enjoyment, and will focus more on the main plot of the novel rather than the language used and writing style of the author. As a reader, I have found myself occasionally skipping through chunks of passage in order to get the gist of the story, but if I do that, I will be sure to re-read the book once more to make sure that I do not skip over any details. I prefer books that are easy to read, where the author uses simple language to illustrate details.

I enjoy writing when I know that my work is not going to be graded. However, that is never possible. When I was younger, I enjoyed writing narrative stories. Now however, we are required to write expository as well as informative pieces. I am not a very confident writer, but I try my best to produce structured work that makes sense and has some flow. I think that writing essays are challenging on a few levels. First and foremost, language used has to be precise and accurate in order to put across one’s point of view concisely. Next, facts presented must be accurate, indicating that a wealth of general knowledge is necessary. Also, when writing, I try to ensure that my writing is interesting and not a bore to read. To achieve all this is challenging and not always possible.Having to write under timed conditions is something that is not easy and when the work is hand-written, my handwriting tends to become messy after some time. As a writer, I take some time when planning what to write and it is usually difficult for me to begin. I believe that with practice, I will get better at writing and slowly gain confidence in it.