Zhang Li jia

My first impression was in her face i could read out of her time that she spent on hard working. I could feel some weird feeling, it was her wisdom, from something deep inside. I was worried maybe she is a boring woman, but she wasn’t boring at all, she was humorous. Her laugh was [...]

First impression of Zhang Lijia

We met Zhang Lijia on Wednesday. She was the one of the Chinese journalist and writer. I thought this very interesting because she used her second language, English to write her book. The book was about her momoir. When She was young, she worked in the factory. Then, she became the journalist. I think she [...]

Zhang LiJia HJ

When I first met Zhang LiJia, I thought she would be very quite and not humorous person. But as I start to talking to her, I felt that she is very bright and humorous. I tried to ask her a question but many of my friend asked question so I had no time to ask [...]

Zhang lijia

On wednesday a author came to our school and talked to us about her memoir, she also talked about her childhood.I found that Zhang lijia has a very interesting childhood because she was a factory worker, but now she is a author. Normally when people are factory workers they stay as a factory worker and [...]

Inside Look into the minds of Great Author’s (Zhang Li Jia)

On 14th of March a great Author whose books have been sold worldwide came to visit us right here at Dulwich. She is one of the most courageous person i have ever met. Its very awesome to be able to achieve of what you have dreamt. I respect her for her strength and courage from [...]

Zhang Lijia

When Zhang Lijia came to visit, the first thing i thought was that it’s going to be really boring. I never heard of her either and for me a memoir doesn’t sound like a fascinating story. but then she talked about her life and how her dream to become a writer shattered by her mothers [...]

About Zhang Lijia

Certain writers in this world qualify as “good” but the author that visited us here in Suzhou qualifies as “magnificent”. Rarely is there a Chinese writer who writes in English and is famous for writing in English. Reflecting back on that, I found that Zhang Lijia’s english was very good for a foreigner and even [...]

Response to Zhang Li Jia

I have not read Zhang Li Jia’s personal memoir ‘Socialism is Great’, but from what I’ve heard her say about it, it seems like a very inspiring book. To have made it from being a high school drop out, to earning a Master’s degree in Engineering and also become a successful author and journalist world-wide. [...]

Zhang Lijia

Yesterday, The whole of Senior School went to the theatre. Where a author of a memoir spoke to us. We learnt that when we try hard and don’t give up we will do great things. her mother pulled her out of school and decided to make her work in the company. She excelled in languages [...]

What I thought about Zhang Li Jia’s visit

Yesterday, Zhang Li Jiang came to visit our school. She looked so familiar. I didn’t really know about her but after hearing her speeches I got to know better about her. She is a journalist who studied English as her second language and now she writes books in English. I haven’t read her books yet [...]

Zhang Lijia

For me Zhang Lijia was inspiring and confusing in different ways.


Firstly i love that she has changed her life from working in a factory to being a journalist to finally being a writer. In my opinion I think that Zhang Lijia is very inspiring in a sense that she was a normal child [...]

Zhang Lijia’s visit

I didn’t know anything about Zhang Lijia until yesterday. She visited our school yesterday and told us all about her and her books. She told us about her before being an author (journalist) and after being an author. Her story began with this. She couldn’t go to school because of her family wasn’t that rich [...]

Li jia Zhang’s visit to our school

Li jia Zhang is a famous journalist, writer from China. She wrote a book about her life, named “Socialism is Great!”. I had no idea who she is when I heard the news that Li jia Zhang was coming. After Mr. Macknight’s short presentation, I then remembered that one of her book cover was displayed [...]

Zhang Lijia

My first impression towards Zhang Lijia was that she looked very traditional. The clothes were really like the traditional clothes. The presentation was very clear and I was really astonished about her life. As mr. Macknight told us she was very brave. To start with, she had lots of courage to try and make it [...]

My opinion on Zhang Lijia’s visit

Yesterday, an author called Zhang Lijia come to visit our school and talk to us. I thought the visit in all was quite interesting. First we saw her in assembly that was boring because she talked about practically everything that the slide show said in the beginning, but when she we saw her again in [...]

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