Dear Book_ Middle

As the book “Outsider” approaches the end, the tension builds up to very top point. There are a lot of fight and struggles happening to the main character. I used to think that if this story came out as a movie, i would love to watch it. The main character start to get use to [...]

Response to Macbeth

We have finished watching Macbeth in English class. In my opinion, it was a interesting piece and I enjoyed it very much. The movie contained a lot of violence and I consider those parts as a really important scenes because without those violences the movie would be very boring. But the cruel scenes were not [...]

Bloody Macbeth

The version of ‘Macbeth’ we watched was, frankly, pretty good, but extremely strange and freaky. For one, there was about 10 gallons of blood shed in that movie, making you want to vomit every 2 minutes. And speaking of vomit, the 2nd witches scene was enough to send you running for a barf bag. I [...]

Chapter 1 Bog child: Personal response.

I found chapter 1 of bog child quite boring up until Fergus found the body of the suspected murdered girl buried in the bog. Fergus and his uncle tally were stealing peat when they found the girl in the bog. Nothing much happens in the first chapter so it will probably be the most boring [...]

Yu Jin Kim History of English

I think History of English is quite interesting for me.i didn’t know about Anglo-Saxon. But when I read the sheet in class I understand what Anglo-Saxon means. I also didn’t know that English came form German and French. I knew a lot of words came from French.

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Yu Jin Kim

Hello, my name is Yu Jin Kim. I am 13 years old and I am from Korea. I came to China about 4 years ago when I was 9. For the 1 year, I went to China school, Then I spent other 2 years and half doing Homeschooling. Later I change to Dulwich College Suzhou.


Andreas Erlandsson as a Writer

Hi there, friend. My name is still Andreas Erlandsson (Hasn’t changed since last post). I enjoy doing some types of writing such as fantasy writing and historical fiction. I enjoy historical fiction because you don’t have to use you imagination too much in the fact that it has to be realistic, but it doesn’t have [...]

Andreas Erlandsson As A Reader

Hello. My name is Andreas Erlandsson. I am born and raised in USA, therefore I can speak, read and write English fluently. My parents are both Swedish, so I can also read and speak Swedish fluently. I can not write it fluently, but I can still write it fairly well.

As a reader, I would [...]

As a reader


My name is James Connah I am 13 years old and this is my second year at Dulwich College Suzhou. My last name is Celtic; this is why I spell it Connah. I was born in Thailand and have traveled the world.

Last year I had a lot of trouble with reading and writing, [...]

Aimee Doser as a reader

Hello, my name is Aimée Doser ,I am 13 yeaers old and I am half German half Dutch . I came to china when I was 7 years old I was at Etonhouse for 3 years. Now I 3 years in Dulwich. I am in 9D

Since I grew up in America I just read [...]

My reading hobbies

Hello, my name is Adam. I’m 13 and in Year 9, but most of you probably already knew that. I have a lot of hobbies;biking, running, watching movies,but my favorite thing to do (besides video gaming) is to read. I love reading. I do it all the time. I rarely am without a book. My [...]

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