The Devil and His Boy

The devil and his boy is a book written by Anthony Horowitz. It is sort of non-fiction. It is a book set around 1593. This is Shakespeare’s time. This is what I call the revolution of plays. This is what the book is about. It is about a boy that wants to get into a [...]

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, the first book in the genre of romance that I’ve read, has proven that my preconception — all romance novels are terribly cheap and boring — is WRONG. If I had to compare David Copperfield with Jane Eyre, the latter book, in my opinion, is actually more interesting and vivid than the first [...]

Steve Jobs’ Biography

I have completed steve Jobs’ biography after a roughy 3 weeks of reading. The book was written by Walter Isaacson. Obviously the book talks about Steve Jobs’ life and trust me, it was fascinating. This book was full of different stories which kept you concentrated the whole way through. Almost every single page tells a [...]


I am currently still reading the book ‘It’ by Stephen King and not a lot has happened in the book so far. My favorite quotation that I’ve read so far happens when Patty Blum goes in to the bathroom and discovers her husband’s dead body in the bathtub. The quotation is:

“She thought Stanley must [...]

Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson

I have finished reading a book called Lola Rose written by Jacqueline Wilson. This is a fiction book about Lola Rose’s life. She has a dad who is really violent and short-tempered. He hits her mom and her. They get sick of him and run away from him with her brother. They could do this [...]


I read the book called Ivy by Julie Hearn. It’s about a girl called Ivy in old London. After she was born her father didn’t want her because of her red hair. So she grew up in a different, poor family. The family is really harsh and Ivy doesn’t feel like they love her. Only [...]

Battle royale

Recently, I read a book called ‘Battle royale’, by Takami koshun. The original tittle of the book was ‘Battle royal’, but the friend of the author told him about the french pronounce of ‘royal’, which is ‘royale’, and he thought the french pronounce is better, so he used the french word. The background [...]


I recently finished a book called ‘Auslander’ by Paul Dowswell. Auslander means a foreigner in German. In the book, the main character, Piotr, loses his parents by a car crash right after the Nazis had occupied Poland. He’s sent to an orphanage after his parents’ deaths but his life isn’t easy at the orphanage. So [...]

The end of the world

I recently finished reading the end of the world. It is a book in the sculldugary pleasant series. It is about a bomb that can destroy the world and makes hydrogen bombs look like fire crakers. While they are trying to disarm it a groop of anarchists are trying to set it off and end [...]


I finished reading ‘The Cay’ by Theodore Taylor. I liked this book very much because I liked the storyline. There is a boy who has been living luxuriously and he gets stuck in an island. Then, he finds a man and tries to ignore him even though the man is giving favor to him. Unfortunately, [...]

Son of Destiny_HJ

This is my last post of Darren Shan series. Sons of Destiny was the last and best book of Darren Shan series. The title page really freaked me out! But unfortunatly, the story was not as scarly as the front cover. The story goes like this. The main character, Darren Shan defeats his rival, Steve. [...]

DEAR – A Pretty Little Liars Novel

I finished the book “A Pretty Little Liars Novel” by Sara Shepard is a series.When I borrow this book in library there was not series one and two, so I just took series three. You can’t understand if you start to reading series three or whatever than series one or begin. But this book is [...]

Steve Jobs’ Biography

I have started reading the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. Walter Isaacson has also written biographies on Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. Even though this book is unique, interesting and relaxing, it does not seem to end. I’ve been reading this book for the past 2 weeks and I’m on page 350. [...]

The enemy

The enemy is a book by Charlie Higson, it is a horror book. It is about a bunch of kids who are trying to survive. Every single person above the age 14 will turn into a zombie, the lucky ones died but the ones that didn’t are crazed, confused and hungry. So the zombies go [...]

Sail by James Patterson

The book I’m reading is called ‘Sail’ by James Patterson. I have not finish reading the book yet, but so far it is amazing. Every chapter would end with a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger means when the author writes a sentence, letting the reader wonder what is next and continue to read. Also almost page has action [...]

Hunger Games (Really Awesome Book)

The hunger games is a really cool book full of suspense and action. From what I have read that in a Country there rules a Capitol which is basically like a government. The story starts with Katniss in her district which is basically like a city there were 13 districts until the 13th district [...]

2010: Odyssey Two

2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke is a science fiction book and the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The book was published in 1968 so as it is set in 2010 the author had a different idea about the future.

In the book humanity is rapidly expanding to the stars with several country’s [...]

The Recruit

last mouth I finished the book “The Recruit” by Robert Muchamore(the first of the CHERUB series). this has been my 12th book this school year and have loved every moment of it.

The book begins with 12 year old James Choke getting sent to a children’s care home called Nebraska house, after his mother dies [...]

Children Of The Lamp-Blue Djinn Of Babylon (Do read my first post then you might understand more)

This book is the second book in the series and it is also one of the most intriguing and gripping books that I have ever read. It is mainly about John and how he needs to rescue Philipa from the most powerful djinn in history.

The Blue Djinn of babylon is one of the [...]


Eon is a fantasy thriller by Alison Goodman that won the 2008 Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel. If you want a fast-paced and totally imaginary book to read, then Eon is for you. This book is based on complete fantasy but has a bit of folklore in it including dragons.

Eon is an apprentice [...]

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