Yu Jin Kim As a Writer

Hello, my name is Yu Jin Kim. I am 13 years old and I am from Korea. I came to China about 4 years ago when I was 9. For the 1 year, I went to China school, Then I spent other 2 years and half doing Homeschooling. Later I change to Dulwich College Suzhou.


Aimee as a writer

Hi my name is Aimee Doser I am 13 years old and I am half Dutch half German. I came to China 6 years ago when I was 7. I first went to Eton house the 3 ears later I changed to Dulwich.

I personally like writing. I like writing because I can make things [...]

Moeko Kometani As A Writer

Hello. I am Moeko Kometani and I am in year 9D. I am Japanese. I have been in this school since the beginning but I am in China for already 8 years. I went to SSIS when I was in year 1 and move to DCSZ when I was in year 5.

I personally don’t [...]

Max as a writer


In this post we have to describe ourselves as a writer. As a writer I enjoy writing short stories. Anything else i find really boring to write. I enjoy writing suspensefull or thriller stories. I really hate poems as I am really bad at them. The rhyming is never a problem if that is [...]

Kevin as a writer

My name is Kevin lee and I’ve been in China for almost 3 years now. I’ve been writing a lot of essay since year 7. But all those experiences did not make me a good writer. I still have a lot of basic grammar mistakes. It doesn’t mean I haven’t improved at all. My writing [...]

As a writer_ Hyeung Jin Kim

Hello, my name is hyeung jin. I’m from Korea and i lived in china for 4 years. In my opinion, I am not a good writer. It is because i am not imaginative and my grammer skill is not good. When i given this task, i was confused. It took me quite a long time [...]

Dong Hyun as a Writer

Hello, my name is Dong Hyun Nam.

I’m 14 years old. I went to SSIS before I came DCSZ.

I like football and a few other sports as well. I stayed in China for 3 years now.

Personally, I don’t like writing. When I am writing continuosly by hands, I feel stomachache and my hands [...]

james as a writer

Hi again,

This is James (again).

As a writer I need some improvements. I have had a lot of trouble reading and writing but today I will be talking about me as a writer so I will cut to the chase. I try to be persuasive but it normally crashes and burns hard. I don’t [...]

Eric as a Writer

As a writer, I really enjoy writing short stories and other sorts of fiction such as sci-fi, adventure, action etc. However, besides that, I don’t enjoy writing anything else including persuasive essays or anything involving nonfiction. As well as nonfiction, I also don’t personally like writing informative essays.

Perhaps my favorite things to write are [...]

Asmund as a writer


as a writer i don’t exactly like to write alot because i am not that interested in writing stories or poems, but if we had to i would rather write a story then write poems. If i had to write a story my story would probably be mystery, adventure or horror. The most recent [...]


Hi, I’m thomas and writing is not one of my best categories. As I said before, I just got out of EAL so writing is really challenging to me. I like coming up with the story but that is all. I cannot write a story without making a mistake. My english is basic and most [...]

Da Ye Lee As a Writer


Hi, my name is Da Ye Lee. I am 13 years old and I am from Korea. I am in Suzhou, China right now. I came to China when I was 10 years old. When I just came here, I didn’t like this place. But now I am getting used to this place. This [...]

Daniel Wu As A Writer


My name is Daniel Wu. I do not like to write. I only like to write stories or short paragraphs withs tension. My best writing are usually when i write horror genre. I think that i am confident in writing tension and horror genre stuff.

“BOOM” the lightning crash down hitting the tree causing [...]

Adam’s Writing

Hello again

So, the task is to describe yourself ‘As a Writer’ well, personally, I like writing poetry and short stories. My favourite genre to write short stories about is horror, because its really easy and really fun. the reason it’s easy is because all you need to write a horror story is a noun [...]

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