Hunger Games (Really Awesome Book)

The hunger games is a really cool book full of suspense and action. From what I have read that in a Country there rules a Capitol which is basically like a government. The story starts with Katniss in her district which is basically like a city there were 13 districts until the 13th district [...]

Children Of The Lamp-Blue Djinn Of Babylon (Do read my first post then you might understand more)

This book is the second book in the series and it is also one of the most intriguing and gripping books that I have ever read. It is mainly about John and how he needs to rescue Philipa from the most powerful djinn in history.

The Blue Djinn of babylon is one of the [...]

Children Of the Lamp—The Akhenaten Adventure

John and Philippa are twelve year old twins, with a remarkably beautiful mother, and a very rich, not very handsome, but very kind father, who live a life of luxury in New York. One day, their wisdom teeth appear simultaneously. Then they both have the same dream in which their uncle, Nimrod tells them [...]

Personal Response to UP-Hill

Up hill personally is a very unique story as there has never been a poem in my life written in a form of question and answer. So that is one of the reasons why I think up hill is really cool its from what knowledge its never been done before.

The Huge metaphor that is [...]

Poetry-Sea Fever

I think Sea fever is one of the best from the poems that Mr. Macknight gave us. Since I think that sea fever is very descriptive. I love the rhymes that sea fever has and I love the way how the author(John Masefield) described the perfect day at the sea. I think the repetition for [...]

The Saga Of Larten Crepsly (Palace Of the Damned)

The book starts almost immediately after the end of “Ocean Of Blood”, with Larten and the baby

(which you will find out about in Ocean of Blood) stranded in the icy wastes of Greenland. Larten searches for death in the snowdrifts, but is spared by a very unexpected twist of destiny. The action then [...]

Darren Shan The saga of Larten Crepsly Ocean of blood

Larten and Wester have cut themselves off from their master, Seba Nile, to run with the Cubs, young vampires who have not yet fully committed to the demands of the clan. They drink and womanize their way across the world, and revel in warfare. Following the death of a friend, Larten and his blood-brother link [...]

The Saga Of Larten Crepsly Birth Of a Killer

This is the prequel to The Saga of Darren Shan and discusses Mr.Crepsley’s life before he became a vampire.

The Story begins with, a brief introduction to Larten’s family, who live in the 19th century

in an unknown location. Larten’s family is described as very crowded and poor. He has several brothers and sisters [...]

Absolute Power

Absolute Power is a very complicated book and its full of politics and crime. Although it is

full of action and fast paced mystery. If you have full focus and attention and you are used to reading books in a very high level then I recommend this book to you.

This book is about how [...]

Inside Look into the minds of Great Author’s (Zhang Li Jia)

On 14th of March a great Author whose books have been sold worldwide came to visit us right here at Dulwich. She is one of the most courageous person i have ever met. Its very awesome to be able to achieve of what you have dreamt. I respect her for her strength and courage from [...]

Artemis Fowl END POST

Artemis fowl is a book about mystery sci-fi and intense action. It is about a criminal mastermind trying to capture a fairy. But this is not just any random normal pinky and cute fairy you see in books this is a technologically advanced molecular species that have been living for millions of years. This fairy [...]

Artemis Fowl (middle of the book post WITH A QUOTATION)

Artemis Fowl what can I say about it one of the most ingenious books written in this earth it is about Artemis Fowl who is a young-adult fantasy novel written by Irish author Eoin Colfer. It is the first book in the Artemis Fowl series, followed by Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Described by its [...]

The Final Empire END post SPOILER’ ALERT

The Final empire’s story is very complicated although if you concentrate hard enough you can understand the things related to it.

The Story starts in Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, Vin, a scrawny street urchin, is recruited by a thieving group lead by Kelsier, the Survivor of the pits of Hatshin, a [...]

Skulduggery Pleasant 6 End of post Super Suspense

Skulduggery Pleasant as in the last post before. It is full of action mystery horror and adventure. It talks a

bout everything a book could possibly could have, mystery, romance and kick ass action.

Anybody who enjoys action and fast paced books would love this series and this book. Many people would enjoy this [...]

Happily ever after-or just a mistake

Romeo and Juliet, what can I say about it love fighting hate confusion all the aspect of Shakespeareans timeless play. This play can never be rewritten. This particular play has survived the test of time and will be spoken acted and read for hundreds of generations to come. From the movie that I have watched [...]

The Final Empire DEAR THE MISTBORN SERIES Middle Of the book post

The final empire is a complex book but written in a very fluid style handwriting. The author is Brandon Sanderson who in him is a very experienced writer. This book is very thick and big but it is also a challenge to read. Reading books with more than 500 pages are a challenge and it [...]

DEAR-Skulduggery Pleasant Book 6: Death Bringer Middle of the book post

This book is a very interesting book consisting of adventure, action, horror, mystery all the elements of a good book that you could ever dream off. This book is one of a kind and it will take a long time for any book to ever match the ambition the action and the charisma of this [...]

Social Networking Speech by the one and only TANMAY

Social Networking, It engulfs the world today but is it good for the intellectual ability of human beings. This is not bad for us and it is also a very useful tool to stay in touch in many people. This tool mkes people chat and call to friends and family all around the world.

I [...]

3-5 Changes of the living legend of Tanmay

3-5 Changes That would make me a better person

Improve My memory and stop losing things Spend even number of time in studying and recreation Spend more time with my sister 3-5 Changes That would improve my family Spend and play with my sister take he out give her treats and give as much love [...]

DEAR-Phineas Gage A Gruesome But True Story About Brain Science

Have you ever thought of times when you want everything about yourself to change. Well if you did think about it then this book shows how it can happen.

Phineas Gage A Gruesome But True Story About Brain Science is written by the author John Fleischmann. It is a non-fiction book but it is written [...]

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