DEAR Diary of a wimpy kid – the last straw

I am reading the book ‘Diary of a wimpy kid – The last straw’ by Jeff Kinney. It is the third book from the serie Diary of a wimpy kid. The book is about Greg and his crazy life with his two brothers, parents, best friend (or not best friend?) Rowley and school. It is [...]

3-5 changes

about me

be nicer to my sister clean more often my desk drink more water per day

at Dulwich College

better food at lunchtime no schooluniforms bigger gym so nobody has to have PE at wintertime outside

in Suzhou

no jostling no more problems to get a taxi no spitting

in China

not so much [...]

Burned a house of night novel

I am reading the book Burned by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. It is the seventh book of the house of night series.

The story is about, Zoey, a talented vampire. When Kalona, an immortal guy, kills her boyfriend Heath in front of her, her soul shatters and in a couple of days she will [...]

Romeo and Juliet

It was never boring to watch the movie “Romeo and Juliet”; you didn’t want to stop watching it. The actors are convincing. It’s impressive how confident they spoke their lines in this difficult “Shakespearean language”. The scenery is realistic and the costumes, both old fashioned, match very well.

I like it. Many people believe that [...]

Chinese Cinderella

I am reading “Chinese Cinderella – The Secret Story Of An Unwanted Daughter”. It is an autobiography and written by Adeline Yen Mah.

Adeline’s mother died giving birth to her and thats why her four siblings hate her. Her father marries again. Niang, his new wife is really mean to the five children and is [...]

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