The Dead is a sequel to The Enemy. It has the same characters as the enemy and it is set in the same place. In the beginning we are introduced to about 10 more characters that are trying to escape the school that they are trapped in. When they are escaping they rescue a girl [...]

Chapter 1 Bog child: Personal response.

I found chapter 1 of bog child quite boring up until Fergus found the body of the suspected murdered girl buried in the bog. Fergus and his uncle tally were stealing peat when they found the girl in the bog. Nothing much happens in the first chapter so it will probably be the most boring [...]

Nathan As a reader

My name is Nathan and my favourite type of books are fantasy. I especially like the hunger games. It is about an event like was held in the gladiator arena. 2 kids from each state are throne in to the stadium and forced to fight each other.

I also like the enemy by Charlie [...]

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