The end of the world

I recently finished reading the end of the world. It is a book in the sculldugary pleasant series. It is about a bomb that can destroy the world and makes hydrogen bombs look like fire crakers. While they are trying to disarm it a groop of anarchists are trying to set it off and end [...]

“not waving but drowning”, by Stevie Smith

Not waving but drowning by Stevie Smith is a poem about a man at the sea side who is really far out in the sea. Everyone on the sea shore thought he was waiving but he was actually calling for help as he was being sucked under the water by he current. I liked this [...]

Killers of the Dawn

I recently finishes the ninth book in the Daren Shan series. It is about the final battle with the vampanise lord. Darren, Mr Creapsley, Harkat Mulds and Debbie Hemlock find the hiding place of the lord of the vampanise and try to kill him. They have a hard time and there is lots of blood [...]

Allies of the night

I just finished reading the eaighth book in the Darren Shan series, “allies of the night”. This book is about a war that has erupted between the noble vampires and the murderus vampanise. Mr Creapsley, Darran Shan and Vancha March are trying to stop a series of murders taking place in Mr Creapslys previous home [...]

Hunters of the dusk

I recently finished reading the seventh book in the Darren Shan series “hunters of the dusk”. It is about how Daren, his mentor Mr. Crepsley and one other are destined to have 4 chances to kill the vampanise lord who is told in legand to lead the vampanise to war against the vampires and win, [...]

Trials of death

I recently finished reading “trials of death” which is the fith in the Daren Shan series. It is about 5 trials that he has to compleat in order to save his and Mr Crepsley’s honour (honour is everything to a vampire). These trials are picked out of a bag and witch ever you pick out [...]

cirque du freak

Cirque du freak is the first book in the Daren Shan series. It is about a group of boys who find a poster advertising a freak show. All fore of the boys want to go but they can only buy two tickets per poster. They devise a competition to see who witch two will get [...]

Thesis statement

Fate will and chance are all possibilities for causing the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. However, we can never know for sure.

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The F-E-A-R

I recently finished a book called “the fear”. As I mentioned in the pervious post it is part of “the enemy” series. It is set a year from the end of “the dead”. Ed has got used to life in the towere of london and has become captain of the gard and second in command [...]

3rd Romeo and Juliet

will could well have bean another cause of there tragic death. it might have all bean there plan, to some extent. a persons choice is often the cause of death so why not here. romeo and Juliet might have felt that death was the only fitting ending to such a miserable life. there parents might [...]

The F-E-A-R

the fear is the third book in the enemy series. it is mainly about a group of kids that live in the tower of london. eight of these kids go out to try and find some lost friends. when there boat sinks they are forced to travel on land where the “sickoes” live. along the [...]

second body paragraph

was it chance that killed Romeo and Juliet? many people believe it was. there is lots of evidence to support this like ” misadventured piteous overthrows” . it could also have bean chance that they bumped into Peter who was carrying Capulates invitation list. it could have bean one unhappy accident that Mercutio was killed [...]

The Dead

The dead is a book by Charlie Higson. It is the second in a series and so far the best. This book could be said to be in the apocalyptic genre. It is about a group of kids that were living in a school until all the grown-ups turned into flesh eating zombies. They leave [...]

Blade of fire (the ICEMARK chronicles)

“Blade of Fire” is the second book in the “Icemark” series and i was really sad when I finished this book. It was wonderfully gripping and a brilliant read. It is easy to get lost on the story and feel you are in the book with the characters. Most of the time when I read [...]

1st body paragraph. fate, will, chance.

These examples of fate are from act 1 because that is where everything was panning out and the story was starting to take shape. At that stage things were out of Romeo and Juliet’s control. The house of Montague and the house of capulet have been at war for centuries even before the story started [...]

The cry of the ICEMARK

The book I have just finished is The Cry of the Icemark. In this book a small 14 year old girl called Thirin is forced to become queen of a small country called The Icemark, when her father King Redrought is killed defending it. In order to succeed she must find allies in the most [...]

Cry of the ICEMARK

The cry of the icemark is about old wars, kings and magic (mostly). A young princess must learn to rule a kingdom as her father the king dies an untimely death. She and her trusted advisers must defend her nation and seek out allies in the most unlikely places.

I think this book is [...]

h.i.v.e escape velocity

hive is a book series about a school that trains kids to be super villains. in this book the leader of the school gets captured by the wolds most ruthless security force HOPE. it is up to otto to save him. to start with the book is quite boring and by the 7th page i [...]


death bringer is the latest in the skulduggery pleasant series. the books are about a skeleton detective and his partner Valkerie chain, and together they save the world. in the latest book the necromancers are trying to “save the world” by killing 3 billion people to block the circle of life making all humans immortal. [...]

3-5 things to make the world a better place.

improve dulwich suzhou

cheeper lunches longer brake and lunch less homework improve suzhou no spitting no peeing in public un ban Facebook and youtube improve year 9 more responsible hand in homework on time pay attention in class improve china un ban Facebook and youtube no spitting stop pollution improve me work harder more obedient [...]

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