DEAR- I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

I am reading a book called “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You”. It is about a girls school for spies. And one day when all the students were having a supper at the hall, the girls noticed that there was a empty seat. Then a male teacher came [...]


I finished the book “Stolen” by Lucy Christopher. I really think this book is good. This is one of my favorite book. I would recommend this to a teenager girls because its adventure and a bit of romance. I love the way the author writes because it slowly builds up the tension and it makes [...]

First Impression

In our english class, we are watching Romeo & Juliet. It was very surprise that in old time they didnt have boyfriends and girlfriends. I was also surprise with the quick mind change of Romeo liking Juliet and that shows how much he likes girls. But from the movie, you can tell that Romeo loved [...]

DEAR- Stolen

Over the holiday, when I had time I read a book called “Stolen”. The first thing I thought when I started reading was that this book is very interesting from the beginning! Books that I have read always have a boring beginning but this book didnt.

“Stolen” is about a girl called Jemma getting kidnapped [...]

DEAR- The Wish House

I have read more of “The Wish House” and in my opinion this book is getting very very confusing.

Now there is a new character called Meg and she has suddenly appeared at the Wish House. She also knew about Clio but Richard had no idea who Meg was. He just suddenly saw Meg at [...]

DEAR Post- The Wish House

I have been reading a different book called ” The Wish House”. It’s about a boy called Richard who met a girl called Clio and spends their time in a house called The Wish House.

So far, this book is about a love story between those two characters, Richard fallen love with Clio. But there [...]

3-5 Changes…

That would make me a better person

More confidence More creativities Able to speak different languages fluently That would improve my family More time to eat together More time to share ideas More time to go somewhere together That would improve Year 9 at DCSZ People should talk to others that you normally don’t talk [...]

Speech- Music

Do you listen to music?? I do, I listen to music whenever I have time. Also, do you think by listening to music, it can change people’s lifestyle? I think it can, because when you feel sad or in a bad mood and you listen to a song that you like, you will feel better. [...]

DEAR- Diary Of A Seventh Grade Hybrid

I read further but I still can’t find out the mystery of the Antennas. But I found out that the antennas can make the boy Ziggy go into other people’s body and be that person. So he went into the math teacher’s body and cheated on his test. But no one will notice because the [...]


We watched Macbeth in English class. I didn’t like it that much because there was a lot of tragedy. I personally don’t like watching movie with killing people and lot of bloods because its not nice to watch…

But I like the idea of how the movie ends with showing one person going to the [...]

The Diary Of A Seventh Grade Hybrid

I am reading The diary of a seventh grade hybrid by Lee J. Mavin who is my english essay writing teacher. I got forced to read this by my mum so I just had to read.

This book is in diary form. So far, this book is about a boy called Ziggy has two antenna [...]

Bog Child – First Chapter

We had read the first paragraph of Bog child in class. So far I am enjoying this book and I want to read on to find out what is going to happen next.

In the first chapter, the two character called Fergus and Uncle Tally found a child underground. It is still mystery about who [...]

History Of English

What we have learned in English today was pretty interesting. I didn’t know that English came from German and French so it was surprising. Because its more possible for one language changing to English but never thought that two languages will combine to make English. Also I always thought that Shakespeare’s writing were all old [...]

Moeko Kometani As A Writer

Hello. I am Moeko Kometani and I am in year 9D. I am Japanese. I have been in this school since the beginning but I am in China for already 8 years. I went to SSIS when I was in year 1 and move to DCSZ when I was in year 5.

I personally don’t [...]

Moeko Kometani As A Reader

Hello. I’m Moeko Kometani and I’m 14 years old. I’m from Japan. I came to China when I was 6 years old and I used to be in SSIS. Now this is my 5th year being in DCSZ.

I like to read books and I read books at home as well but not that often. [...]

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