Personal response to Sonnet 73

This poem is comparing seasons and our life. He is especially focusing on towards the end of our lives. His description of the autumn of our life is very dreary. He portrays like this:

When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang

Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,

Bare ruined choirs, where [...]

Personal response to Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18 is a poem written by Shakespeare, and it’s a love-related poem. The general image of the poem is pretty sweet. The writer is comparing his love with summer’s day. He uses a lot of metaphors and poetic expressions, mostly to describe his lover.

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance, or [...]

Personal response to Death, Be not proud

This poem, Death, Be not proud, gave me a chance to look back on my thoughts about death. John Donne, the writer of this piece, did not fear death. Through out the whole poem, his attitude was very bellicose. He tried to deny death and considered it as a long rest and sleep. He came [...]


I recently finished a book called ‘Auslander’ by Paul Dowswell. Auslander means a foreigner in German. In the book, the main character, Piotr, loses his parents by a car crash right after the Nazis had occupied Poland. He’s sent to an orphanage after his parents’ deaths but his life isn’t easy at the orphanage. So [...]

The Road Not Taken

“The Road Not Taken” is a poem written by Robert Frost. It tells a story of a person’s past when the person had to make a really important choice. This poem makes us think a lot.

Firstly, we can think about metaphors. The person was on his journey. But his journey on this poem actually [...]

Not waving but drowning

This poem, Not waving but drowning, was written by Stievie Smith. I think the meaning that the writer was trying to convey was that we should never lie to people. Metaphors were used through out the whole poem. The writer was referring to a man who always love larking, trying to call for help but [...]

R&J Thesis Statement

There are three main possible reasons for Romeo and Juliet;fate, will and chance. But we can’t say any of them is true for sure.

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A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle In Time is the first in a series 0f four book that follow the adventures of Meg Murry and Calvin O’Keefe. In this book, Meg, Calvin and Charles go to another planet called Uriel, thorough Tesseract. Tesseract is a wrinkle in time and space. We can go anywhere through Tesseract. I really enjoyed [...]

Li jia Zhang’s visit to our school

Li jia Zhang is a famous journalist, writer from China. She wrote a book about her life, named “Socialism is Great!”. I had no idea who she is when I heard the news that Li jia Zhang was coming. After Mr. Macknight’s short presentation, I then remembered that one of her book cover was displayed [...]

Why did R&J die?:First BP

The play “Romeo and Juliet” ends in a bad way because of fate. There are plenty of evidence in the play that deaths of Romeo and Juliet was all decided by some supernatural power. For example, in the prologue, “A star-crossed lovers take their life” (prologue.6). It’s an ancient idea that the stars are related [...]

Storm breaker

Storm breaker is the first book of the famous Alex Rider series. This book is a story of a 14-year-old boy accomplishing unbelievable mission. I thought this book was quite pleasing to read because there are lots of action scenes. The quotation I love is told by one of the people from storm breaker company [...]


I haven’t even read the novel version of Romeo&Juliet. In fact, I haven’t read any of the novels of Shakesphere. However, I’ve watched a movie based on Shakesphere’s novel, Macbeth. Since this was the second movie of Shakesphers’s novel I’ve ever , I thought this movie is really absorbing. It helped me understand the story [...]

3-5 changes that will change something

3-5 Changes that would make you a better person

Being creative Speaking loudly Getting better in English

3-5 Changes that would improve your family

More time on ourselves More talking Less arguing

3-5 Changes that would improve Year 9 at Dulwich College Suzhou

No Bullying Being more friendly Working as a unit 3-5 Changes that [...]

Speeech_Game App

Do you like playing Angry Bird, Fruit Ninja and doodle jump? These kind of apps are getting more common in our society. Thousands of these are created and updated every single day. This is very good because you can have a lot of fun playing them. However, it’s not always good to have so much [...]

DEAR book post

My dear book is called Bailey Game. This book is non-fiction. This book talks about a serious problem; bullying. I think this book is suitable for people who love reading non-fiction, realistic story that could happen in any time and any where. Bullying is becoming very common. Because of that, people wanting to get an [...]

Response to Macbeth

We have finished watching Macbeth in English class. In my opinion, it was a interesting piece and I enjoyed it very much. The movie contained a lot of violence and I consider those parts as a really important scenes because without those violences the movie would be very boring. But the cruel scenes were not [...]

Bailey Game

Bailey Game is a novel which basically talks about gang’s bullying happening around the school. In the novel, there was a character called Bailey. He consistently got bullied by others and he commit suicide at last. The story is set on few years after the Bailey’s death. A new girl from Australia gets bullied by [...]

My personal response to Bog child Ch.1

A lot of exciting things were going on in the chapter one of the novel we’re reading; Bog Child. Chapter on was fairly hard to understand because I couldn’t understand many of the idioms and I didn’t know about the Irish boundaries. When Fergus and uncle tally said they don’t know if they were in [...]

History of England

Even though we have learnt about history of Enland in year 7 and year 8, going through the history of the Great Britain again seemed to be quite interesting. I have learnt new things like geographical history. I never thought that England were divided into so many countries and the origin of the Enlish was [...]

Kevin as a writer

My name is Kevin lee and I’ve been in China for almost 3 years now. I’ve been writing a lot of essay since year 7. But all those experiences did not make me a good writer. I still have a lot of basic grammar mistakes. It doesn’t mean I haven’t improved at all. My writing [...]

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