The Recruit

last mouth I finished the book “The Recruit” by Robert Muchamore(the first of the CHERUB series). this has been my 12th book this school year and have loved every moment of it.

The book begins with 12 year old James Choke getting sent to a children’s care home called Nebraska house, after his mother dies [...]

Sea Fever by John Masefield

I have chosen the poem is Sea Fever by John Masefield (1878-1967). When I first read it I didn’t get it at first. But as we read it over, over and over again I started to get the message in the poem.

” I must down to the sae again” this indicates that he misses [...]

Not Waving But Drowning!!!!!

The poem that I chose to write a personal response is “Not Waving But Drowning”.

The poem called “Not waving but drowning” is my favourite poem that we have read in class. This is because “Not Waving But Drowning” the poem is short and it has to point on view. In the first stanza third [...]


On the 10th April I finished the Seventh and final book of the H.I.V.E series by Mark Walden.

The former members of the G.L.O.V.E. ruling council are outraged at Nero’s decision to disband the whole of the ruling council and create an entire new one, so they decide to join the Disciples in a plot [...]

Zero Hour

On the 26 March I finished the sixth book in the H.I.V.E series called “Zero Hour” by Mark Weldan.

I love this book more than the fifth and fourth and the third put together because it is that amazing mind-blowing action pack book. Overlord has developed the power to move from body to body. New [...]

1st body paragraph james

Some people think that Romeo and Juliet died because of fate. Some reasons for this are in the prologue. For example: “Fatal loins” (prologue, 5) means that they were born because of fate, other quotations like “star crossed lovers” (prologue, 6) means that they are meant to be together and die together. Also in the [...]


On 15th of March I finished the Sixth book of H.I.V.E called Rogue by Mark Weldan.

In my own opinion I think that this book has a higher scale of action than of all of the other books combined. Otto star pupil at the top-secret school for villainy is behind the assassination on many highly [...]

Zhang Lijia

For me Zhang Lijia was inspiring and confusing in different ways.


Firstly i love that she has changed her life from working in a factory to being a journalist to finally being a writer. In my opinion I think that Zhang Lijia is very inspiring in a sense that she was a normal child [...]


On the 11th of March I finished the book Dreadnought by Mark Walden the fourth book in the H.I.V.E. series.

In my own opinion I think that this book has a high scale of adventure in that Otto and his Alpha Stream friends go in a survival exercise to the icy wastes of Siberia. On [...]

finished Escape Velocity

On the 20th February I finished the book Escape Velocity by Mark Walden the third book in the H.I.V.E series.

This book was incredibly and enjoyable book for me and I think that it be good for a lot of the my classmates that just want an easy read. in are school library they have [...]

Escape Velocity!!!

Over the holidays I finished the book called ” The Overlord Protocol” which is the second book in the H.I.V.E series. Now I have moved on to the third book called ” Escape Velocity” by the same writer, Mark Walden. The Book starts a little slowly, but by the 9th page it picks up a [...]

R&J the movie

The play Romeo and Juliet is a sad story.

During the Summer Holidays I read a contemporary version of this story and so all my comments on the play are based on both the movie and the book.

Because it is a older movie it has aspects that I don’t understand fully. An example is [...]

Overlord Protocol

Over the Christmas Holidays I finally finish the first book in the H.I.V.E series and have moved on to the second book. The book Overlord Protocol by the same writer called Mark Walden. I haven’t read much of it so far but I am all ready loving it.

The quotation that I choose is right [...]

brainstorming 3-5 things

3-5 changes to make me better.

be more helpful be nicer be less uptight.

3-5 changes to make a better family.

stop fighting with my brother be a bigger help at home be helping friendlier to my brother

3-5 changes to improve year 9

be more responsible be able to us the cafe not to [...]

H.I.V.E The Higher Institute Of Villainous Education!

After I had finished Point Blanc I started a new series called H.I.V.E The Higher Institute Of Villainous Education by Mark Walden. The book is the first of the series with six more stories published. The main character is called Otto Malpense; Otto is a criminal genius with a limitless mind. Using a robotic mind [...]

7 BILLION!!!!!

This week our world has achieved a great milestone. The world’s population reached 7 billion people.


This is a bit scary when you consider what the world’s population was in 1910 (1.75 billion people).


In 1800 the world population was 1 billion. It took 130 years for the population to double to 2 [...]

DEAR book Point Blanc

over the golden week holidays i have finished the second book of the Alex rider series called Point Blanc. the book is about the 14 year old Alex going undercover at a academy.He find out that the rich families of the whole world are sending there teenage sons the academy. However, the director dr. grief [...]

All hail king Macbeth



This was my second Shakespeare movie that I have watched the first was A Lot To Do About Nothing. I liked this movie because they didn’t have much killing and it is a love story. However, Macbeth is full of blood and gore that I don’t really like. The scariest people in the [...]

james’ D.E.A.R read


The book that I have been reading is the adventure pumped Alex Rider series. I haven’t finished the book yet but my favorite quote so far it is set just after a train nearly hit Alex and a rich girl called Fiona. “Alex let go of her and turned away. ”Thanks Fiona”, he said. [...]

james’ bog boy reponse



This is James


I am really enjoying the book ‘Bog Child’. Driving to go dig up Peat in the republic of Ireland sounds like an awesome read. The first chapter is really exciting. Getting up before five to go dig peat illegally sounds like lots of hard work but they stumble on [...]

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