Personal response to the way through the woods_HJ

I recently read way through the woods by Rudyard Kipling. I thought that the poem would be very hard to understand because of length of the poem, but I soon noticed that this poem is very imaginative, interesting and catches people’s attention. For example, “They shut the road through the woods seventy years ago”. This [...]

Son of Destiny_HJ

This is my last post of Darren Shan series. Sons of Destiny was the last and best book of Darren Shan series. The title page really freaked me out! But unfortunatly, the story was not as scarly as the front cover. The story goes like this. The main character, Darren Shan defeats his rival, Steve. [...]

Personal Response to Up Hill_HJ

I read poem call “Up hill” recently and first time I read through this poem, I didn’t get what is poem trying to say to us. But as I had a active discussion with my friends, I understood the true meaning of it. This poem, “Up Hill” is talking about journey of our life. It [...]

Zhang LiJia HJ

When I first met Zhang LiJia, I thought she would be very quite and not humorous person. But as I start to talking to her, I felt that she is very bright and humorous. I tried to ask her a question but many of my friend asked question so I had no time to ask [...]

Lord of the Shadows

The 11th series of Darren Shan “Lord of the Shadows” is a great book to read. I want to recommend this book to horror fans. Every series of Darren Shan have different interesting points so it personally make me to finish the series without stopping.

The summary of this book is this. The prince of [...]

Killers of the Dawn_ HJ

I am trying to finish all the Darren Shan series so it would be good for people who read my post to read this post first.

This is 9th series of Darren Shan series. I started to read this series at year 8, but I stopped reading it until now and I am enjoying reading [...]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I guessmany of you have seen this moive or read this book at the past. This is very famous story written by Roald Dahl and the movie version was made by a famous movie maker which my class have learnt about, Tim Burton. I watched the movie version before reading a written version. I like [...]

Animal Farm_ HJ

I want to recommend this book to all of my classmates. Because this is one of George Orwell’s famous masterpiece. Basically, the story is very simple. When I first heard the title of this book, I thought that Animal Farm is for kids. But my view of this book changed when I noticed the real [...]

Romeo and Juliet

I have read the novel written by Shakespear and that help me to understand the movie very much. I think watching a movie is better than reading a book. I can see the imagination of the director. It is because the director have added his imagination during the party scene. It captured audience attention by [...]

3-5 changes that will change_ HJ

3-5 changes that would make me a better person.

- Read a book as much as I can during my student life.

- Be polite to everyone I met

- Try to set up a aim or dream

3-5 changes that would improve my family

- Try not to yell at each other

- Try [...]

Social networking? HJ

Do you guys have a social network id? How many of you guys used social networking recently? As the technology kept increase, the qualities of our life is getting better every time. Social networking is one of system that make our qualities of our life better. We can tell the facebook, skype and msn is [...]

Dear Book_HJ/Of Mice and Men

I read this book and also watched the movie version so I am really confident with giving a book review to my friends. The Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck. He is known as one of the most incredible writter on 20st century. This book is about two main character which is [...]

Dear Book_ Middle

As the book “Outsider” approaches the end, the tension builds up to very top point. There are a lot of fight and struggles happening to the main character. I used to think that if this story came out as a movie, i would love to watch it. The main character start to get use to [...]

Response to Macbeth_HJ

It was very exciting to watch Macbeth as movie. It was over my expectation and also it was quite good. The movie contained many informations so i felt like reading a original version. The movie was about main character Macbeth killing the king for his ambition and people around the scotland start to dislike Macbeth. [...]

Dear Reading_ Hyeung Jin Kim

I started to read the book called “the outsiders” by S.E Hinton. This is my 3rd favorite book. It is because i really like the word “Outsider” The word “Outsider” means people who get lefted out and who is a loner. This is opposite meaning of word “insider” As i read this book, i really [...]

History of English

History of English was very exicting and confusing for me. It is because the history was very long and during the long time, lot of different thing happend. But fortunatlly, the events were really entertaining and also really dramatic. The battle of Hastings came famillar to me because i learn about it at the history [...]

BoG ChiLd

It was my first time to read this kind of genre of the novel. When i first looked at the title, it was very unusual. I didn’t knew the meaning of ‘Bog” I thought what is Bog Child mean. I wondered what will be happen to the main character. I thought the title of the [...]

As a writer_ Hyeung Jin Kim

Hello, my name is hyeung jin. I’m from Korea and i lived in china for 4 years. In my opinion, I am not a good writer. It is because i am not imaginative and my grammer skill is not good. When i given this task, i was confused. It took me quite a long time [...]

As a reader_HyeongJinKim

As a Reader

Hello my name is Hyeung Jin, I am 13 years old and I’m Korean. I’ve been to china for almost 4 years now and I had really great time at here. I’m going Dulwich College international school and my English skills have been amazingly [...]

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