I finished reading ‘The Cay’ by Theodore Taylor. I liked this book very much because I liked the storyline. There is a boy who has been living luxuriously and he gets stuck in an island. Then, he finds a man and tries to ignore him even though the man is giving favor to him. Unfortunately, [...]

The Way through the Woods

I read a poem called ‘ The Way through the Woods” written by Rudyard Kipling and found out this is great. It’s not because I enjoyed reading it. It was rather hard to understand the meanings and what the writter wanted to talk about. However, I found out 3 things that reminded me this poem [...]


I read one of the poems called “Sea-Fever” by John Masefield and I think this is the best poem ever. The reason why I chose this poem is that I found out I was almost singing when reading “Sea-Fever”. Also, I liked how well he used rhyming. The rule was aabb and it made me [...]

Dear Book

Recently, I finished reading a book called “Antidote” by Malorie Blackman. It’s the story of a boy confused of her mother who became suspicious. While I was reading this book, I wasn’t feeling exciting or grabbing my attention. The story line was similar to the book called “Hacker” so it wasn’t dramatic. In this book, [...]

Thesis Statement

People say the play ends tragically due to Chance, or will, or fate. Actually, however, we don’t know why it ends with tragedy

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First impression of Zhang Lijia

We met Zhang Lijia on Wednesday. She was the one of the Chinese journalist and writer. I thought this very interesting because she used her second language, English to write her book. The book was about her momoir. When She was young, she worked in the factory. Then, she became the journalist. I think she [...]

Dear Post ‘Hacker’

I read the book called Hacker last month. It was written by Malorie Blackman. When I was searching for a book in library, I saw few particular books in corner of shelf. The title seemed as if it was taken from magazines and it was really attractive. So, I decided to read this book. When [...]

Dear ‘HOLES’

I finished reading ‘Holes’. It was written by Louis Sachar and it was also viewed in movie. When I firstly saw this book, I was realy excited about this book because there were people surrounding a deep and dull hole and they look shocked. The book was quite long and thick but I read it [...]

Romeo & Juliet Post

The movie ‘Romeo & Juliet’ consumed 4 English lessons. I haven’t read the book, but I briefly knew the stories that I heard it from others. The movie was fantastic. I never knew Juliet and Romeo were so young and people at that time married by the age of 13. It was unbelievable that we [...]

Brainstorming: 3-5 things

3-5 changes that would make you a better person – Read English books for 30 minutes everyday. – Review what I learned at school. – Try to sleep early, so that I can be focussed at school.

3-5 changes that would improve your family – Once a week, have a meeting for 15 minutes. – [...]

“Icefire” Dear

Will you risk yourself by raising dragons? It will be impossible in real life but in this book, this amazing thing is happening. I haven’t read a lot so far. I read until page 15 which is very short because the story started on page 7. It’s not much because I borrowed this book on [...]

Speech why should we go to school

ave you ever felt as if you doesn’t like to go to school? Well everyone would have felt it. When I was walking along the street in Korea, I saw few people sitting next to me talking about this topic. They all hated going to school and they were feeling that school is useless for [...]

Dear Post

I finished reading Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone on the golden week. This book is the first series of Harry Potter series which was written by J. K. Rowling. I thought that books which was also made by movie won’t be exciting than movies but this book changed my prejudice. There was the most [...]

Personal response to Macbeth

We watched a movie called MacBeth and we finished it just before the China Week. The movie was mostly about MacBeth becoming king and what happened while he was the king. The movie was cruel but I liked the movie. The parts of this movie was boring because I couldn’t understand very well. This thought [...]

The CRICKET In Times Square

The book called The Cricket In Times Square was written by George Selden and drawn by Garth Williams. This book received the Newbery Medal, which is an award given to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

The four main characters are Tucker who is a mouse, Mario who is [...]

Bog Child Dong Hyun

There were Uncel Tally and Fergus. They always had to wake up early before the sunrise because their job was to dig for peat in the mountain illegally. They were digging as usual but while Fergus was digging, he found a dead body which looked like small girl’s. It also looked as if i was [...]

History of English

Today, we read about the brief History of English and I found it interesting. What surprised me is that English was made of German and French. I thought English was made only by single language and it’s not easy to make one language out of two languages. Also, I found out why English contains so [...]

Dong Hyun as a Writer

Hello, my name is Dong Hyun Nam.

I’m 14 years old. I went to SSIS before I came DCSZ.

I like football and a few other sports as well. I stayed in China for 3 years now.

Personally, I don’t like writing. When I am writing continuosly by hands, I feel stomachache and my hands [...]

Dong Hyun as a Reader

Hello, my name is Dong Hyun Nam. I’m 14 years old.

I went to SSIS before I came DCSZ.

I like football and a few other sports as well. I stayed in China for 3 years now.

Personally, I don’t enjoy reading books. I think other students will think the same as me, but [...]

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