Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson

I have finished reading a book called Lola Rose written by Jacqueline Wilson. This is a fiction book about Lola Rose’s life. She has a dad who is really violent and short-tempered. He hits her mom and her. They get sick of him and run away from him with her brother. They could do this [...]

The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

This is a poem about a person choosing a way to go in the middle of two diverged roads which can be thought as making an important choice in their life. He went to the road which not many people went.

In the English class, we came up with a conclusion that the person is [...]

Not Waving But Drowning by Stevie Smith

We have been reading poetries in English class. My favourite poetry was Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith. There are several reasons why I like this poetry. This one is really short and easy to read. There are some vocabularies that I did not know. For example, larking and chap. Later I found out [...]

Thesis Statement

At the end of Romeo and Juliet, they both die. And people say chance, fate and will are three possible causes of their deaths. But we don’t know which one is the answer because all three of them have evidences to go with them.

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Princess In Pink

During this spring break, I have read a book called Princess in pink, written by Meg Cabot. This is the fifth book of the Princess Diaries series. I’m not sure what happened before, but in this book the story is mostly about Princess Mia. Princess Mia has joined the staff of the school newspaper and [...]

Pig-Heart Boy

I am still on the book called pig-heart boy written by Malorie Blackman. It is a book about a boy who has a heart which is not working well. And I read up to the part where his dad and his mom argue on giving Cameron a new heart which is not one from a [...]

Zhang Lijia’s visit

I didn’t know anything about Zhang Lijia until yesterday. She visited our school yesterday and told us all about her and her books. She told us about her before being an author (journalist) and after being an author. Her story began with this. She couldn’t go to school because of her family wasn’t that rich [...]

Why Did Romeo and Juliet Die? – Chance


Romeo and Juliet die because of chance. There is lots of evidence showing that they die because of bad luck. They die because they are unlucky. If Romeo had arrived to Juliet’s tomb later, neither of them would have died. For another example, Montague’s servant and Capulet’s servant meet in the market place in [...]

DEAR – Pig Heart Boy

Pig Heart Boy is a book written by Malorie Blackman.

This is a book about a boy who needs to get heart transplant. He really needs to get a heart transplant so he gets a heart from a pig.

“I am drowning in this roaring silence. I am drowning. I am going to die.”

I [...]

DEAR – Chosen

The book I am reading is called Chosen written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I think this book is about a girl called Zoe, she becomes a vampire and finds out that she has a special element that no one else has and she can connect with the god.

We all know that thirty-year-old [...]

Love and Hate

We started watching a movie called Romeo and Juliet in English class. I have heard of its stories but I haven’t actually watched the movie. I learned things about marriage in the past. They could marry when they are 13-16 years and they didn’t have boyfriend and girlfriends in the past. As soon as they [...]

DEAR Post – Uglies

The book I have been reading currently is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

The main character, Tally is a girl who is waiting for her 16th birthday to get her surgery to become a pretty. She said “She was ugly too.” whenever she saw uglies. she always judged people by their appearance.

I like the quotation, [...]

3-5 Things_ Da Ye Lee

3-5 Changes that would make you a better person

Spend more time with my family Spend more time revising what I’ve learned during class Exercise more

3-5 Changes that would improve your family

Spend more time together Go traveling often Have conversation with our family more often

3-5 Changes that would improve Year 9 at [...]

Speech_ Important Things in Our Life

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of important things? I believe many people think of things that became daily life to us such as ipod, computers and phones. In my opinion good trustworthy friends and peaceful home are really important to us. There are several reasons for giving [...]

DEAR POST – Thirteen reasons why

The book I am reading now is called Thirteen reasons why, written by Jay Asher. This is a story of a friend who died. She recorded her voice on several cassettes blaming people who caused her to suicide.

My favorite quotation from this book was told by Hannah the one who died. ”If you’re listening [...]


During our English class we have been watching Macbeth the movie. Sometimes I liked this and sometimes I didn’t like this. Sometimes it had some inappropriate and cruel scenes. I liked the way the story went. I liked the way they gave clue what is happening next.

I liked it when they were crazy after [...]

Book Review – Ten Things I Hate About Me – Da Ye Lee

Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah. Randa Abdel-Fattah is a lawyer. This is her second book and she won the Australian Book of the Year for Older Children with her first book.

The main character is called Jamilah. At home she is Muslim Jamilah. She doesn’t like the fact that she is [...]

Bog Child Chapter One

Reading the first chapter of this book was interesting. I liked the story of this book. In the beginning, I found this book boring but soon I started to enjoy reading. I had some difficulties in understanding some words, because it used lots of describing words and history related words. The most interesting part was [...]

History of English – Da Ye Lee

I learnt the history of English. It was quite interesting and confusing. It was new to know that English came from German and French. They sounds completely different so it was a bit of confusion to me. I learnt some about this last year but it wasn’t all. So I think this was really helpful.


Da Ye Lee As a Writer


Hi, my name is Da Ye Lee. I am 13 years old and I am from Korea. I am in Suzhou, China right now. I came to China when I was 10 years old. When I just came here, I didn’t like this place. But now I am getting used to this place. This [...]

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