Sail by James Patterson

The book I’m reading is called ‘Sail’ by James Patterson. I have not finish reading the book yet, but so far it is amazing. Every chapter would end with a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger means when the author writes a sentence, letting the reader wonder what is next and continue to read. Also almost page has action [...]

A Small Dragon

A Small Dragon written by Brian Patten, is by far a confusing poem that I have read. At first when you read through the poem you will come upon words like “Roots of Stars”. Now the problem about this phrase is, it doesn’t make sense. This poem is Brian Patten imaging that there is a [...]

The Way through the Woods

The Way Through The Woods is a poem wrote by Rudyard Kipling. In the Poem the author describes a lot of what he sees in that forest. He describes everything, from the air, the water and the sound that he hears. I like this poem because I have lived in Canada for most of my [...]

Never The Last Journey

‘Never The Last Journey’ is a amazing book written by Felix Zandman. The book is about Felix Zandman’s life during the Holocaust as a Jewish person and then becoming a CEO of a multibillion dollar company on Wall Street. This book starts off when Felix Zandman and his entire family are living in the Ghetto. [...]

Romeo and Juliet “Thesis Statement”

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there is conflicting evidence as to why Romeo and Juliet die. We cannot judge, because the evidence would suggest otherwise.

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Zhang Lijia

Yesterday, The whole of Senior School went to the theatre. Where a author of a memoir spoke to us. We learnt that when we try hard and don’t give up we will do great things. her mother pulled her out of school and decided to make her work in the company. She excelled in languages [...]

I,Alex Cross

I,Alex Cross is the last in the series Alex Cross. The book written by James Patterson comes together in the end. I,Alex Cross starts off with a murderer kills Detective Alex Cross’s niece. The Murderer goes by the name Zeus. he is very rich and attends a bachelor party. Where they hope to meet [...]

West Side Story

West Side Story was an unique version of Romeo and Juliet. Although West Side Story was a musical, it had songs that fit the scene. However sometime the song is pointless and shouldn’t be there. E.g When Romeo (Tony) is dieing, Juliet (Maria) starts to sing. I would rate West Side Story 6/10. Some of [...]

A Forced Death (WILL)

On the other hand, perhaps these tragic events result from the choices that people make. In the prologue, The Chorus says “And the Continuance of their parents’ rage” (Prologue.i.10). The quotation suggest that the parents chose to fight and this is the major problem with Romeo and Juliet. Their parents chose to hate each other [...]

A Fated Death

Romeo and Juliet were possibly killed by fate. In the play Romeo and Juliet, there is evidence that suggest fate were the downfall of Romeo and Juliet. In the prologue the chorus enters and says the speech saying, “A pair of star-crossed lovers…fatal loins… death-marked love” (Prologue.i.6). The word ‘pair’ suggest they were talking about [...]


The book ‘Sunwing’ wrote by Kenneth Oppel. This book is the second in the series Sliverwing. I think that this book is fun and interesting. The problem about this book is you need a load of patient because it can get really boring and the beginning is not fun. What happens in this book is [...]

Ice Station

‘Ice Station’ is a very fun book to read, written by Matthew Reilly. The is only interesting and fun to read if your willing to read 600 pages about people shooting. The amazing part in this book is every page you would learn something new or have intense scene of battles. This book ‘Ice Station’ [...]

The Da Vinci Code

‘The Da vinci code’ is a very fun and interesting book. ‘The Da vinci code’ is a book wrote by ‘Dan Brown’. Dan Brown has made a lot of books. In my opinion every book that Dan Brown has made are all action packed and amazing. Every single book is not a disappointment.

“O draconian [...]

Charlotte’s Web

I started the book a couple days ago and finished it today and it may be quite easy and childish to read but it is a decent book to read. The book may be boring at times and people would probably prefer the movie than the book. However I think that the book is better. [...]

Romeo & Juliet

The version of Romeo & Juliet is not as bad as what I had in mind when I first thought. I have to say the actors acting is really impressive . The could remember all the language that they spoke in shakespearen time. The part that I do not like is the graphic content in [...]

3-5 changes

Make you a better person:

Don’t need to study for exams and get an A* Have more money for a better life Can adapt on a idea faster

Year 9

Less Homework, more freedom Access to the school Cafe A common room just for Year 9

Dulwich College Suzhou

Get a new school because it [...]


“Inkdeath” is the third book in the ‘Inkworld’ series. The book ‘Inkdeath’ made by ‘Cornelia Funke’ is a very interesting book. I would recommend this book to everyone. In the first book ‘Inkheart’ , It is about a the main character Mo reading characters from a book called ‘Inkheart’ out because of his special ability. [...]



How much do you know about Essays? Well today i am here to tell you all about Essays. Essays are used in everyday life. You would be surprised by where Essays are used. Essays are used in every company even food companies and schools ask students to write Essays. We use Essay to back [...]

Cross Country

“Cross Country” is the 2nd book in the series “Alex Cross.” “Cross Country” made by James Patterson is one of the best book I have read in my life. The Genre of this book is thriller. In this book every chapter builds tension and most chapters end with a cliffhanger wanting us want to read [...]

10th Anniversary

The “10th Anniversary” by James Patterson is interesting. But I have not read any of its previous books. The “10th Anniversary” is the last book. So far I have read up to chapter 24. I is about these detective investigating a kidnapping while another detective is trying to win a court case that she has [...]

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